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I love fangirling, writing my own stories, drawing, listening to j-rock, playing games and messing around together with friends.
I totally adore yaoi and my absolute favorite at the moment is Kaito & Shuno and One Rainy Day here on smackjeeves... ^^
I like a lot of other things as well, they are just not on priority XD
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January 25th, 2018
Nonono, luv, you are still working on it! <3

And how lucky can I be, 3 pages of this super sweet and cute story on my b-day... Happy~
@Nieidanine: It doesn't really matter, it just bugged me for some reason ^^
Might have been the height in comparison to the sofa, I guess. Still probs just my mind being stupid, haha.
Ahhh. my heart is aching for them... T-T

On another note, does the crack in the wall keep moving down each time we see it? I seem to remember it beeing much higher up previously...
I just.....hope that this wont break their relationship....
I really hope Joa won't do anything he'll regret.... o.O
Those two are so sexy, and cute and just gorgeous together~

And I knew there was a reason I sang Joa's coment instead of reading it, haha XD
Their eyes look so pretty~
Those eyes~ <3

....I wonder how much of all this is because of the alcohol..? Not that it matters XD
I can't help but love those two, and who says this couple can't be reversible ;)
Not sometning I was expectig, but what's the fun in that~ <3
@LuminalAvian: I (and probably a few others) interprented that as him pointing to the door behind him beeing the guest bedroom. Might not be so tho, but whichever it is, I still have a feeling that Renee is going to walk in on them....

And them sexy boys~ ♡
They are so cute and adorable together~

And just tapping? Why not grope instead? :D
May 24th, 2017
"It's a good thing neither of us had feelings for each other anyway"

And now "don't assume my feelings".....
I hope this goes where I want it to go~ ♡
I can't help but notice that Seki happens to be in the perfect position for a well placed knee to balls.... :D

And really. Telling someone they're gross dosen't help when trying to pick people up.
....I wonder why guys even try to make people loose their confidence just so they can show interest and score easily. It's just the worst srategy ever and won't ever result in real love. Just oppresison and taking advantage of that person... grr...
Ahaha, I knew Hakkaku would give in~ <3
On a side note, I really love how you draw their dragon faces when its not "realistic", they are so cute~
Roy..... you... you idiot! Dont just stand there and get hit! T-T
March 27th, 2017
Hey, that's not water you drunk! XD
March 21st, 2017
That qutie pie~ I can't stop smiling right now~ ^^
Poor little Gannet realised what he said~ <3
And I hope she's an understanding mother who can ground him after the date instead.
Or maybe Gannet will just sneak out his window. I mean, he could probably glide won with his wings now.... ^^
Woho~ can't wait to see Hakakku as a dragon~ Hopefully in colour?

@Quadrant: I didn't read it as a penis reference until you pointed it out. I just remembered Chain's potty look when ha was called a runt back when they first went there~ <3
Joa, sweetheart, don't cry. You are breaking my heart. And do let Dyland heal that hole. You need him. And him you.
Just.... dont cry, please?