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Guys am I missing anything?
@Lugbzurg: That looks so dumb I love it. Too bad it's coming out for the Xbone.
@Lugbzurg: What Plants vs Zombies spin-off are you talking about?
@Lugbzurg: Oh well that's neat.
@Lugbzurg: I don't know about that but they at least announced a new Mirror's Edge.
Also is it just me or is this year's e3 about a million times better than last year's?
@Jarkes: But the Villager looks like he has a more interesting moveset.
Wii fit Trainer confirmed for best smash bros character.
@GabrielsThoughts: Future Diary's twist was so dumb and silly, to a degree where I almost stopped liking the show. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure best anime.
@Jarkes: Never played Sonic CD, is it any good? FF IX is second best FF BTW, and my hype for Skullgirls is coming back because DLC characters are finally coming out and Xbox might finally get the patch from months ago.
@Jarkes: They did the same thing with Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection too I still get that confused and end up just targeting one enemy.
Also FF VI best FF.
SOI'mnottryingtochangethesubjectoranythingbut is anyone else tired of these internet privacy bills the government keeps trying to pass?
@Lugbzurg: I don't think the writing is witty or funny at all actually.
Also I hate moe.

@GabrielsThoughts: Welcome to the NHK is pretty good.
@Lugbzurg: The only thing on machinima I watch anymore is Two Best Friends Play.
@Lugbzurg: What kind of game do you plan on making anyway?
@Lugbzurg: Psh watermelons are far too easy an enemy.
Cats on the other hand...
So I beat Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It was really short but that's fine because it's so much fun.
The camera is pretty bad though.