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I know not of these stages, since alcohol has never entered my digestive system.

But I adore you for skipping on the stupid, stupid April Fool's day.
It looks nice, but I don't feel like it's needed. I leave it up to you, but I'll be satisfied with both versions.
Let's see... sharks, Nessie cowboys, kraken, pirates, Godzilla, a giant robot, an erupting volcano, a castle, some trees, a dragon a griffin... Guess I'll fav. I'm kinda surprised it didn't have any fans yet, since it looks quite good. you should make a banner. No banners scare children.
Never played Bioshock, but... that thing has family?
No idea whatsoever. And I can't really draw.
But hey, it's mildly funny, right?
Doubt he likes him. I think he just wants him to shut up.

And yay for using enslaved mutants as weapons.
Oh yeah... I did.
And look what good did bringing it back. IT'S DEAD ANYWAY!
Those "spam adds" appear only if you're not logged in.
There aren't even a hundred comics I think...

And why does DGF's eyes look like he's on drugs in the last panel?
This is why I always skip any romance possibilities in games.
It was rhe 4th most popular for a month or so, but we were too lazy to take it down. I mean, with the updates we had? Kinda useless.
January 25th, 2010
Nooooo, not the fish!

In other news, I have no bloody idea who you are or why are you on SmackJeeves when you're a mother, but your comic is fun. Well, on thing I don't find fun about it is the manga style, but those are just my preferences. Nothing really wrong there. Of course I could be wrong and it's not manga at all, but I believe I'm talking too much so I'll just put a dot there and end.
...but I like the 3D scenes...
I find the green %$@#-cleaner the most threathening considering his nature is probably the most calm but his clumsiness can kill lots and lots of things.

This may also make him go insane, learn dark arts and become a dark lord of the Old Ones, but that would be too good.
Finally someone realised you can use those things to kill.
Why does everyone in the fucking world has Dragon Age while I can't?
The gasp is so convincing!...
Guess he got caught up in the moment and completely forgot someone is there.
What's so wrong with being a nerd, dammit? And what is wrong with disliking sport? It makes no sense anyway! Half of those involve balls of some kinds!