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Ahhh, I really love this comic. :)
Yes, "Oh dear" sums it up more or less. D:
Really looking forward to the next page in May. :3
awww, yeay. Looking forward to that next chapter. :)
Yeay, I'm so looking forward to it. :3
Aww, this is really adorable. I love your drawing style. Really amazing.
Poor little Ink. He is so cute and innocent. ._.
I'm looking forward to the next page. :)
So, I just started reading this today and I really, really love it. :)
And no matter how long it'll take you to finish this, I'll wait. I'Ll be always looking forward to the next pages. :)
ahh, I really like this. Very well done. :)
Eren, if you don't take that chance.
Ahh, this looks so nice. >w<
I really, really love your art style. Very nice. Looking forward to the next page. :)
Oh~ I love this. This is really good. :)
January 2nd, 2013
This is really cool (:
I like this comic :)
Though it really is a bit confusesing as WikiSorcerer said, but I like it anyway, because I like the drawing style and it is a really nice idea, even if it could have been brought out more. It could have been longer that way and that would be nice, too. (:
But all in all it's not bad and I liked it. (:
Good work. (:
Yeay, Gigi lives *.*
So sad... ._.
Nicely drawn by the way (:
Haha, well I say: That's the way to go, Atty. :D
Why bother with that guy xDD
October 26th, 2012
This looks so nice *^*
October 24th, 2012
I like this page :3
really nice (:
October 20th, 2012
Yeay, an update *^*
even in black and white it's still great. :3
opps,Pea seems to be really mad :'D
nice update :3
looking forward to the next (:
nice nuzlocke, I Really like this (:
Yes, that's really dramatic :D
Good work (:
keep it up.:3