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Hey there! I'm just living my life and looking at some sick webcomics. My favorite include SideQuests and Pictures of You.
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One of the first webcomics I got into, and still one of my favorites. Glad to see you're still working on Ryak-Lo after all these years. Here's to seven more!
Geez I remember creating Youtube Playlists from those soundtracks before Spotify was even a thing. It's nice to see the playlists all in one place though.
Really diverse character design. I love it. :)
January 11th, 2014
@Sasoman: I second this comment!
@Yumimarie: i see what you did there :)
i feel bad for pointing out a grammar mistake on the first page but i think you mixed up the wording on third box. it should read "and the ice creams gently treat those who eat them" or something like that. great comic btw!
@VanSavesLives: Thats a very good explanation. I always thought this comic was similar with another comic i love, sidequests with the funny faces and dialogue. plus i was wondering why bcne stopped updating so suddenly. But hey maybe one day you two get together and finish it up.

*throws confetti for the parade*
@VanSavesLives: theres ton of willing artists at deviantart who would draw the comic with you if you still want to continue the comic.
@YonYonYon: what for, if you dont mind me askin'.
haha keep up the good work.
The artwork is amazing!
This is great! Keep up the good work, man.
August 10th, 2013
this reminds me so much of hobbiton.
I wish i could go. Maybe some other time. :(
haha your cat
@doom Bubbles: you know i thought the exact same thing, haha.
I'd definitely read something like that. With your talent at drawing colorful landscapes, I'm curious to see the spaceships, nebulas, and aliens you would come with. :D
what was patrick's original major and what was the one he wants. (if it has already been revealed.) my memory sucks.
best page in a long time :')
@Guest: The comment above me is Crimsonstar, btw.