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MoDo is an Artist, Writer and overall stressed recently graduated gal. When she’s not furiously filling out College Loan forms or worrying about her freshmen year this fall, she’s distressing with a cup of hot tea, good book or animated movie. Her inspiration for her art is a mix of the Disney classics and the newer Anime she has come to love.
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It's Eliza's old guy. XD You two amaze me.
Amaru is like my Dad. He complains that we kids take over his life and give him his grey hairs, but deep down, he'd die without us to entertain him. xD

Wait... Vine_gar does card tricks?! ::excited:: You're gone for three weeks? ::is sad:: You two kill me.
O.o I'm not going to lie- If I saw him at the foot of my bed like that, I prolly would have kicked him before I thought better of it...

... but then again, as the Ebony Prince, maybe he likes black eyes. ::giggle::

Wonderful work again. Your humor kills me.
Wow, this is rather intresting. And don't sweat the people-riding-horses-gig. They are perfectly loverly. xD

Aw poor little guy, can't even have the honor of dying head on. :'(
Gah, I love this page even more inked. xD Man, You comepletely rock my socks you know that?
"This is so cliche." xD Very cute.
Gah, I know what this reminds me of. The feeling and the narrator's voice has a rather warped feeling of Edward Sissorhands... leastways to me. xD And yes, the granny is quite scary. A very morbid woman.
I like this style, it's very sketchy and dark, going well with the emotion of the story. >.< It makes me happy.
You beat me. :D Darn you for getting page two up before me, woman. :shakes fist:

Anywho- Yay Story time with Amaru. Kenji is my hero. Really. And that hat... Ooo man- Hot stuff. :giggle:
Gah, I feel like such a horrible person now that you have put up two pages and avn't comments on even one. :( Though the whole moving and having no computer had something to do with it. :nod: H'OKAY! So you are pretty much awesome. :nod/nod: I repeat myself so often in saying that, but you are. You just are. The End.
Gaw, look how cute you two are. xD Yay. I'm so excited! As the offical number one fan of this comic... needless to say I can't wait to get this party started. :dance: Oh, and dear lord, Nosa. Your folds kill me. Jus' knock me over dead. :falls over:
Wow. I really like the Art style for this work. I've never played the Online game but I pick things up quickly. Mind if I stalk and see where this goes? xD See you around the Smack.