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My main takeaway is George knows how to talk about her Pokemon way better than Atty does.

Atty probably could have gotten away with it if he had called Rat "grunge chic" and described Venus' odor as "subtle".
Rat looks like he's got PTSD.
It's gonna be that gym leader he got tossed in jail, isn't it...?
It's been real. It's been fun. And for once, it's been real fun.
Sad there's not going to be a book 3. One of my favorite things twice a week.
Cinnabar Island: Because the entire island will give you mercury poisoning.
She's not a character in a video game, though.

She's just being documented via a documentary video game, is all.
Meowth, the secret heister of the Payday Gang.
Well, I mean he can always jump off the cliff...

On a side note, looking on their faces has made me nauseous.
@Nashew: Well, how about off a waterfall?
The fact Atty is a walking disaster zone makes me think he may actually be a deity by the Scion RPG rules.
I assume there was a mistake somewhere and there's meant to be an update today (June 1st)?
Snow tornadoes would suck.
Well, at least we now know Repel doesn't double as poison ivy repellent.
I really enjoy these twists.
@Surfersquid: I hope words are the only things she puts in your mouth.
Of course you can trust a 10-year-old.
That suddenly makes so much more sense.
She copes with her worrying by buying a lot of stuff with her daughter's money.