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I love to write and draw, am 16, and from the UK. No, it doesn't ALWAYS rain here. Just 99.99999% of the time. I also have an unconditional love for anime, manga, and My Chemical Romance.
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@YaoiGirl09: Haha, me too XD Oh Obito, ily...
Thank you for commenting! :D
@narutofreak: hehe, yes, it's going to be continued- pages just won't be out as fast now because I'm starting to get more homework. A new page is in the works. Thank you for commenting! :D
@bowmane3: thank you very much! ^-^
@bowmane3: Aww, thank you for commenting, you're my first commenter~! :D You just made my day!
graaahhhhh, size too large again! As soon as I persuade my dad to let me get premium, I'll put the better quality pages on ^^'
Thank you to anyone that reads my doujin, it's much appreciated ^^
Just had to say; I really love Kiba's hair in the bottom frame, lol. And I adore Lee. He's one of my fave characters. :D
Plus, sorry for crappy picture quality on this page. Manga studio was being a butthead (since that's the only PC term I can think of right now) and made my file size too large. So I had to do some shiz to make it smaller D:
Well, any comments of praise or criticism are welcome, so comment! XD because I totally don't sound desperate or anything... haha. Well, bye! :)