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"Wheatfield Under Clouded Sky," Van Gogh. That is all.
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@Ambjoorn: Obviously the flag unfurled itself the moment Surge, Jr. showed up
That bitch just left a giant-ass sundae sitting on her table to melt in the sun AND didn't tuck her chair in
Wouldn't be surprised if this actually makes Brent laugh
@Riverfox237: Nope, I was saying the best way to teach a lesson is to steal a kid. No matter which lesson it is, if you're taking a kid, it's going well. Take as many kids as you can, stick em in a crate or something, everyone learns. Win-win. Try to get as many kids as you can.

Coincidentally this is the reason there are so many kids in school these days.
What he's been trying to teach her is that actions have consequences and that she shouldn't get herself into situations if she doesn't want to deal with what comes after. If he still wants to teach her that lesson, the best way to enforce it would be to take Gabe.
This style is better, keep it
This kind of character development reminds me of back when this comic was just straight-up parody of the games. There are elements of that still, sure, but there are new characters and Brent is growing as a person and the whole thing is a lot more serious now. Not sure which I like more.
Bet DT feels like she's taking on a No Mercy run Sans right about now
This is great because, by Pokémon logic, continuing in this fashion will eventually cause Blaize to lose consciousness.
@Visitor: It's sad how few people will appreciate that joke.
Meanwhile Gabe scrambles to get out of the way
*casually puts out fire with hands*
My guess is the Charizard's tail got a little high and Laika hasn't noticed

That or this is kind of a Blackbeard thing they do for intimidation
@Visitor: Have we met the champion in Moképon? I can't for the life of me recall anyone confirmed as the champion.

The two adults are members of the Fae and have weird complicated magic names. This kid Gabe seems to be the only Gabe, so if his Moképon counterpart is any indication he gets a mask of his own soon.
@Prior Semblance: Gabe picked on Atticus because he was beating on a far weaker opponent. Kirst and Laika are beating on him because he challenged a Gym leader while he was on vacation. Two different scenarios there.
Gabe picked on Brent the first time because he was beating up Kahn despite Kahn being weakened.

Now the situation has turned on Atty, where he's the weak one being picked on by stronger people, and so Gabe steps in to exact some justice.
@edera: Exactly. This continuity is a mess.
Looks like someone took a break from snatching children to come out here and terrorize some teenagers.

Except this is Gabe, who should still be a kid right now.
I'm saying Gabe.