Amateur cartoonist who likes Pokemon.

Occasionally, I post extra TSSB art on my tumblr.

Currently working on:
The Stars Shine Bright (2015-)

Lily and Thomas: Vitriolic Best Buds (2013-2015)

Though, I'm thinking about reviving VBB someday. Under a new title probably.
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she has a business to run too, don'tcha know

I'm selling TSSB stickers! If that strikes your fancy, take a look at my Redbubble.
boy if this page don't sum up the whole damn comic

Hey, guess what? I added Gamma and Clara stickers to my Redbubble shop. B)

<img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289310455518855170/337029776395075 596/clar.png" class="image"> <img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289310455518855170/337029781864316 929/gam.png" class="image"> <img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289310455518855170/337029771634409 472/gamgam.png" class="image">

Unlike the other three, both Gammas are available in small through large sizes and Clara is in small and medium. The latter Gamma is also available as a t-shirt.
local loser posts page a day late more at 11

reminder that i have a poll for you to vote for your favorite character in. i dont know how many more of you i'll get to vote, but Atticus is handily winning with 43% of the votes
@TheJGamer; thank you, i'm really glad you like what i'm doing here!
@LightBlueBlaze; and i'm very glad for it! she doesn't get enough love sometimes

and thank you! the pupils make the eyes really stand out i think
@Nashew; actually, Gamma started off pretty strong!
welcome to i'm doing pupils now

this week's cameo: Switch's Baby Bear (stufful)

by the way, i'm holding a poll to see the consensus on everyone's favorite character. Atticus is currently in the lead!
<iframe width="420" height="345" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LjgTMA0NhhI"></iframe>

"updates tuesdays" must be a typo
blessed comic
at this point we're more Wednesday updates than Tuesday. by the way, i updated this chapter's draft doc, if that strikes your fancy. it's on the Extras page under the "drafts" section


@Guest_3; Myu is 20, and we don't know how old Atticus is
@Nashew and @Commando125; everyone's kinda gotten thinner. at the top at least. Myu and Topaz are more bottom-heavy
i edited text on page 4 and page 24 of chapter 1. page 4 is almost entirely different, and page 24 just changed one little piece of dialogue. i know i should stop doing that, and i expect this to be the last time
only thing is, "There ins't anyone here like me!"
maybe one of these updates i'll actually be on time

cameos this week:
WiispNightmare (variant umbreon)
Snivy (their name is snivy and they cameod a snivy. a female one, specifically)
@HarrisonButterGem; her eye color's been something of an enigma, huh? c; and i wouldn't say Clara's "possessing" her

@Maka152; couple of others are there too~

@WiispNightmare; well, you have submitted something. you're allowed to submit more, though

@WiispNightmare; a dark purple umbreon with white rings (the comment is still there, you could look for yourself!)
Welcome to the Callaiaster Public Library! It's also a cafe. Well, I say "welcome", but this is the last page with these two for a while.
I'd also like to welcome you to Cameo Town, population: all of you. If you haven't submitted a cameo yet and would like to, you still have a chance, but who can say for sure how much longer I'll keep the page up? Certainly not me, so if you want one, <ins>get on in there</ins> and drop me your deets.

This page features:
Littledc (lucario)
WriterRaven (eevee, bayleef)
DragonMoonWolf (cubone)

On a side note, less important, an alarming many of you seem to not know that Gamma is female. She is, in fact, a woman.
hey guys.............. we're in the town


@WiispNightmare; well if you were ashamed of it, you wouldn't have shared it with me, yeah? i love all fan art