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The Stars Shine Bright
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Pokemon Magic #1: Lily and Thomas
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Adventures of Officer and Sebs
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Comment on 1.5.5 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 20 May 2015 07:56 am

i have another fun fact:
Up until very recently (the beginning of april in fact, right before i made page 1), this is where the story began. For years, the story began page 1 with Myu hearing a crash while picking berries and rushing back home to find this scene. I needed something extra for her to feel bad about, though.

see yall soon
Comment on 1.4.4 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 13 May 2015 07:58 am
... well it appears Myu is perfectly fine! Clara is odd, ain't she?

see y'all later
Comment on Happy (Late) Mother's Day of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 11 May 2015 01:28 am
actually i lied with the news post, here's a quick sketch for mother's day. it's not exactly what i wanted, but i'll have to wait for next mother's day to get what i DO want... huehue. late of course, it's how i operate.
lookie there, Myu CAN be nice to her mom after all. that's real sweet.

and remember, folks... savor this while you caaaaaan

see y'all on wednesday.
Comment on 1.3.3 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 06 May 2015 08:28 pm
very simple page this week. made the text bigger for this page. very nice, me. hides the fact that you're lazy very well. [pats me on the back]
Comment on 1.2.2 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 29 Apr 2015 07:53 am
you know, Myu, you're not making a very good first impression.
teenagers, amirite?

and heya, i have a PNG for you guys this time. nice.
Comment on 1.1.1 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 26 Apr 2015 04:55 pm
@littaly: I can see WHY they think that way, cos it can cross over into over-powered OC mary sue territory VERY quickly if you're not careful, but I dunno. It can be iffy. Depends on what the author wants, I think, really.
Comment on Chapter 9 Page 70 of Mokepon
Tehpikachu, 22 Apr 2015 11:25 pm
Jenny, ohh, Jenny
Joy, ohh, Joy
A one woman man's what I wanna be, but there's two perfect girls for me...
Comment on does this go here?? of Pokemon Magic #1: Lily and Thomas
Tehpikachu, 22 Apr 2015 09:15 pm
shameless self-plugging.50/50 chance of being sorry
aaaaa, so exciting, i finally---

wait. what do you mean i uploaded to the wrong comic? shit, uhm....
Actually, I wanted to inform you all of a new comic I'm working on. It, ahem... is the reason VBB existed in the first place. I wanted to practice before I started! Thank christ I did.
So yeah, as you can see, it's been 4 months since I last updated VBB. My heart wasn't in it, ya know? I hope the same fate doesn't befall the new one, but HEY, I actually really really REALLY care about what's going on in it, so... 50/50 chance? I'll give it my all, I swear.

Well I've been going on about it, I suppose I should tell you about it! It's called "The Stars Shine Bright" and it's a comic about--yes, don't cry out please--Mews. Basic premise is that the main character, Myu has just been orphaned and has to take care of her younger sibling.
It's where all of my focus is going to be from now on (if life doesn't get in the way, which it kind of has been lately), so I encourage you to check it out!
Comment on 1.1.1 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 22 Apr 2015 08:50 pm
it (finally) begins!
(nice low-quality jpeg dude. couldn't avoid it. png one was just BARELY over the MB limit)

hey, here we are! this is very exciting for me. so yeah, the main characters are legendaries, that's just the way it is, I'm afraid. I pretty much treat them like regular pokemon though so take it or leave it i suppose.

first page in and I've already got TWO fun facts for you! there's a pretty large stack of trivia surrounding this whole concept.
1. Myu's mother's name is Clara. I'm bothering to state this because I don't think I'll be mentioning it in the story. Myu's not going to refer to her by her first name, after all.
2. today is my birthday as well as the comic's. things just kind of fell into place that way, wasn't intentional i swear. but it's pretty cool.
Comment on Chapter 1 cover of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 21 Apr 2015 06:35 pm
so here we are. the beginning. the VERY beginning of the comic. the start. the place where everyone takes their marks. comic's beginning.
ANYWAY, first page tomorrow!

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