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Amateur cartoonist who likes Pokemon.

Occasionally, I post extra TSSB art on my tumblr.

Currently working on:
The Stars Shine Bright (2015-)

Lily and Thomas: Vitriolic Best Buds (2013-2015)

Though, I'm thinking about reviving VBB someday. Under a new title probably.
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i have the weirdest sense of deja vu

I've started answering again. Hope it lasts!
god, i love it! you drew her curls so well!! i love Clara's expression too omg
i drag my late ass in through the door
this time for sure, he'll kill her

i had to cut a good exchange from this page :c

[Topaz lays on the patch of ice]
Topaz: Maybe if I'm cold, I can do it too.
Atticus: Haha, that's snow way to go about it.

askblog, redbubble stickers, blah blah im not gonna bother putting my links in the comment this week. i know i haven't answered a question on the blog in a few weeks, but when i find some time i'll start doing it again
@Squid; man...... you do know i made this comment literally four years ago
okay. well bye i guess.
happy halloween, the only thing i have to show for it is this mostly-on-time page. disappointing to say the least

I promise I will answer one.....

Stickers, yanno. Get em, they're pretty cheap.
@WiispNightmare; hey man, ain't no problem with that. i made this boy, and even i can't get him right half the time hahaha

(and i agree with the alt text)
@PJSam; gotta look good at all times

@Meta-Akira; you're welcome! thank you for submitting him!
we're now finally at the scene i previewed back in january! amazing what altogether too many rewrites can do

and i'm sorry. i have no excuse for being this late this many times


Snivy (guest)'s female snivy
guest's altaria
Meta-Akira's Elkin (dragonair)

I'm getting back into the ask answering soon.

Stickers, yanno. Get em, they're pretty cheap.
@Skylar101; she can but doesn't want to
@Nashew, @NikuComics, @Skylar101; she's spoken before, guys...
"updates Tuesday" is more of a gentle suggestion at this point

Vyraal's Eva
Milo (Milos From Home by Reagent Nein)

eevees are very common. they nearly went extinct at one point, but due to their adaptable nature, they've really made a comeback in recent years

I've answered one ask recently. That's good, right...?

The Gamma t-shirt will be pulled Saturday.
it sure does, Bart. Atticus is an unlucky thing
@Blaze01; people don't always fall into the societal views of gender. Rachel is perfect.
part of good character design is having a recognizable silhouette

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The askblog is, of course, always open. Admittedly, haven't actually answered one in a week or so because as you can very clearly tell by my tardiness on the last few pages.... Inktober is kicking my ass.

What's also not surprising is that my Redbubble store is still open. And still selling stickers for much cheaper than I should be. I will be pulling the Gamma t-shirt soon, so if that happens to interest you, get it while it's lukewarm.
game theory: Atticus is <del>ness</del> evil?

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oh wow. i like these two, i hope we see more of them!