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The Stars Shine Bright
Last Update: 2 Days Ago Fans: 16 # Comics: 10
Pokemon Magic #1: Lily and Thomas
Last Update: 3 Months Ago Fans: 19 # Comics: 16
Adventures of Officer and Sebs
Last Update: 1 Year Ago Fans: 0 # Comics: 6
Last Update: 2 Years Ago Fans: 2 # Comics: 12

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Comment on 1.7.7 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 29 Jul 2015 02:51 am
Comment on 1.7.7 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 28 Jul 2015 02:28 pm
okaaaaay, we're back, but this page feels old as all hell... also heads up, the post is going to be long.
I know what these first few pages may look like to some of you, but I just wanted to go on record to say this tragedy isn't going to be an excuse for any main characters to be edgy DeviantArt OCs or anything. Everything that happens in the story is for a reason, I promise. Don't lose faith in me yet, I'm just getting started!

So from there, I'll dive into my next point. Our lovely friend Zoroark has a theme song! Other theme songs after this one will have an update page in the unchaptered section first, before being moved after a week, as I talked about in the update this morning. However, they won't be moved to "Extras". Instead...
They will be moved to the "Theme Songs" tab. This will hold past and present theme songs for the characters as they develop. It's not important to the comic itself, but it's something I wanted to do for fun.
So, yeah, if you click on the tab you'll find Zoroark's current one, and... wow that looks... edgy. Okay, well, there goes my first point.


... Aaaaand for anyone still reading, I just wanted to say I'm glad to have you on board. The ride never ends. I love you all for sticking through my bullshit so far. <3

See y'all Thursday... what's this? Yes, Thursday!! I'm updating twice weekly now. Upgraaaaaaade.
Comment on and we're back! of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 28 Jul 2015 03:39 am
i misspelled "programming"
Yes, we're back!! New page 7/28/15! That's today. Ummm... well new page later today.
So I want to clear up some stuff so the author's comment on the next page isn't as cluttered and long as I'm sure this one will be.

First of all, I took down those extra pages that were in the unchaptered section. This is so people who come to read the comic don't have to dig through that shit to get to the actual comic, which is something that too many people do and it's actually the worst thing on this site. From now on, extra pages will be left here for a week before being moved, which brings me to my next thing...

I actually got off my ass and learned basic HTML, so we have custom pages! Custom pages didn't show up on the other site design I had, so I changed it back to default. After a week, extras will be moved to the "Extras" tab, naturally. As for the other tab... well, you can click on it, but I'm going to save talking about it until the next page comes out.

See y'all later!
Comment on 8.12.171 of Pokemon Beta
Tehpikachu, 23 Jul 2015 02:37 am
ooooooooh, are we finally gonna see Caroline?
Comment on Plague of the Past -pg 45 of Zirra's Return
Tehpikachu, 23 Jul 2015 02:32 am
u kno she ded
Comment on Contest! of Pokemon Break!
Tehpikachu, 08 Jul 2015 04:56 pm
My favorite is Patch, because he reminds me a lot of one my own characters... who isn't born yet from the perspective of anyone currently following the comic... Yeah, I think they'd get along quite well.
Comment on 1.6.6 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 27 May 2015 07:51 am
(that mistake in panel 11?? it's not real. ignore the man behind the curtain)
someone learned how to use photoshop layers. and not the stupid way she'd been using them before.

anyway, why we shootin' at birds?? who caaaaaaaares about birds, anyway? .... well, apparently that zoroark does or we wouldn't be here.
Comment on 1.5.5 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 20 May 2015 07:56 am

i have another fun fact:
Up until very recently (the beginning of april in fact, right before i made page 1), this is where the story began. For years, the story began page 1 with Myu hearing a crash while picking berries and rushing back home to find this scene. I needed something extra for her to feel bad about, though.

see yall soon
Comment on 1.4.4 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 13 May 2015 07:58 am
... well it appears Myu is perfectly fine! Clara is odd, ain't she?

see y'all later
Comment on 1.3.3 of The Stars Shine Bright
Tehpikachu, 06 May 2015 08:28 pm
very simple page this week. made the text bigger for this page. very nice, me. hides the fact that you're lazy very well. [pats me on the back]

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