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Ichigo dun worry, Takao likes ochinchin so he will not be tempted by beach episode maids
Where is Ichigo-chan's tail in this last panel? It is gone desu!
It's okay, Mari...
It's been so long since I've updated this comic, that I've forgotten his name, too ^^;
Mari would normally be annoyed, but she's glad to have someone cook for her so she'll let it slide... This time.
Someone's in the kitchen!
The adventures of Mari and her little friend aren't over yet!
Kairi! You killed him! Haha, jk. I promise this guy isn't always going to have the short end of the stick!
Wowie wowie wow! I'm sooooo sorry for being gone for so long! Here is another page-! I don't even know what to say, I'm so sorry guys for this really long, unexpected delay between pages! But the story is not canceled, just, well, delayed a lot I guess! OTL please forgive me for the unannounced hiatus! ;w;

I will do my best to update more frequently in the future, but my life is still hectic and I can't be certain when I will be able to, so I won't promise anything! I will do my best to work on it in the future, though! I'll do my best, I promise! *0*
Wow! What a plot twist desu!!
he's gonna buy your old house and put it inside one of the bedrooms so you can look at it when you get homesick
Two pages today~!
Schoolkid is still poisoned.
Hey guys! I think I may have figured out why my art program was having problems before! So lucky~! I'll try to update more often and consistently this time!
I hope to eventually make profiles for all the significant characters and their profiles! For now have the profile for the Schoolkid Kyrie accidentally poisoned last chapter~!! This may or may not also be a good character ref *ahem* I was worried about consistency for some reason~.
Ichigo-can iz looking mighty kawaii in that last panel! 0///0
he's just dedicated his life to writing gay porn
that doesn't mean he's gay
o ono!! ichogo protect yur manboobs!
Sorry for being gone for so long guys!!! OTL So sorry! I will try to get back on track!!!
A colored page to start the chapter~!! I was originally going to make a dramatic title lol but this was better I think!!! Hope you like~!!
Does this perhaps take place in the same reality as Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls?
@SarahBearaBee: he done all his works for ciel and ciel got eaten up! now he works for bighands'sama bacuz he's hot lolz
Guess who picked their costumes? My friend again! Haha! They're dressed as a catmaid and a vampire. I don't think vampires normally have enough blood to blush, though. Heheh.

Also taking requests like the bonus of my last chapter, first three to request I will do my best to draw!

Oh, those aren't their official colors, either~
i'll try to get them down one of these days! I have so much fun drawing them random colors, though~
My friend wanted me to draw them as cafe chibis. Haha, I wasn't sure what that was, but I tried! XD