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@Code Spark: But, Spark, The character did just drop. . . Might need CPR.
@Dark: Oh yeah, the not a not a suicide plan. My memory must be off. Willa had been fighting the big monster hadn't she?
@Dark: Yes, but who actually did the deed?
@Dark: There's also the Angelonian princess that keeps tagging along and the cuckoo mess.
An old friend hired me to do his hard work for him. It's quite pleasant for me.
"Have a telepathically controlled golem that looks just like you conduct your hands-on business" should be on the Evil Overlord List.
Okay, now double-tap.
@Dryder: Lewis Carroll's, 'The Hunting of the Snark':
@Dryder: The totally not a Lewis Carroll thing.
@Drifter: She *is* amazing at not letting others see how phased she is isn't she?

At first I thought Willa was a lot younger in the flashbacks and got confused until I recognized the snark hunt.
Not much for being body-slammed by a warrior in full plate?
I love how they can sit there and casually call fraud entrepreneuring.
Hm. . . the bounty on these two might be something nice.
No, General, She expects you to die!

But, damn, isn't he decisive.
Because if there's anyone who knows what they are doing on this page, it's the MAD scientist.
I take it the picks were in Eagle's pack?
Ooh, another thing for you to fail horribly at, Sawl. For some reason, I don't think being a homeless drunk will have improved your ability to outfight fast-talking, frail con-men. . . Or doors.
It's good to see she's still alive. I'm kinda surprised, though. By what little we know about him I thought Farthis wouldn't allow any potential wrench to exist. Then again his plans are mystery, so what's a wrench?

Already liking Mei. She talks a good game, bet her hair's seen better days though.

Regardless of what miss S-class won't fall for, I bet her brother isn't quite as savvy in such regards. But that's not much of a bet, is it?
I don't suppose there will be air in that belly? with a few bottles of rum and a rowboat?
Oh, just make one yourself with moss and mushrooms. Like a real witch!
Although, in this case I'm thinking she's supposed to live through it. *shudder*