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I'd guess the underground booze trade is a cornerstone of the Dillo Desert's economy. Hence why it can't be legal.
I take it that's something akin to sexual assault. . .
@Dark: I didn't remember.
@Fittik : If this con takes place in Hilla, their laws are probably vague enough that it would still count, or they've already dealt with it cause that kingdom be crazy.
She's such a troll. . .
The thing that gets me most about this page is that I have no clue what kind of leaf that is.
And became the biggest deforester of all.
But seriously kids, don't get shit wet. It is so much heavier that way.
Just realized. . . Is Astridr wearing boxers, skirt, or swim trunks? Also, that's a very convenient world view. Must be right if no one has managed to kill her for it yet.
@Drifter: I thought bottom right was mildly shocking.

Center panel totally wild though.
@Judge Hodor MD: Ah, I meant as opposed to hitting Rose, because ouch.

I kind of wish she had that effect now.
@Tarrodar: I'd rather ask: Did she just slam her heel into the ring?
@MacDiver: Thrusts never look as impressive as slashes. Lots of force behind them, but little speed and short travel distance.

If Chloe hit though, it would have had to have been grazing at best based on that her sword went right on by.
At least she knows where her lunch is.
When did they become wrecking balls?
Wait a second. Sammy lied about his age didn't he? Sonic rip-off. First game came out 26 years ago. This guy's a total fake.
Guess he should have squeezed harder. . . Or had Lance from behind.
Much as I feel sorry for Leena, I also experience great schadenfreude at seeing anyone wearing a toilet-seat emblem humbled.
My first thought after reading this strip was "former team manager," but then I remembered two weeks notice.
@Fittik : Minitees, otherwise known as summer clothing.