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No, General, She expects you to die!

But, damn, isn't he decisive.
Because if there's anyone who knows what they are doing on this page, it's the MAD scientist.
I take it the picks were in Eagle's pack?
Ooh, another thing for you to fail horribly at, Sawl. For some reason, I don't think being a homeless drunk will have improved your ability to outfight fast-talking, frail con-men. . . Or doors.
It's good to see she's still alive. I'm kinda surprised, though. By what little we know about him I thought Farthis wouldn't allow any potential wrench to exist. Then again his plans are mystery, so what's a wrench?

Already liking Mei. She talks a good game, bet her hair's seen better days though.

Regardless of what miss S-class won't fall for, I bet her brother isn't quite as savvy in such regards. But that's not much of a bet, is it?
I don't suppose there will be air in that belly? with a few bottles of rum and a rowboat?
Oh, just make one yourself with moss and mushrooms. Like a real witch!
Although, in this case I'm thinking she's supposed to live through it. *shudder*
Bridget: "So did I"

Obvious I know, but I couldn't help myself.

Y'know, it's really nice to see villains happy, if only because we know it never lasts. I am assuming the Doc is a villain though. She might just be making sure the fairy gets home quick and doesn't ruin anything.
Glass houses, lady. Glass houses.
Some day fictional characters will learn to hold on to the artifacts of incredible power.
How long will that bust hold its silence?
This may be old, but it seems to me that the wording of panel 1, bubble 2 is unclear. Shouldn't it say something like "limit the spread of their territory to the former city's walls," instead of "limit their spread to the territory the former city's walls?"
Oh, Emps, this is around my fifth time reading this and I only just noticed Willa is shying away from the Cuckoos into the skeleton wall.
Attack of the Titans
Ahh, it's going to crush the site!

That is a really big update.
Damn, George got snarky fast!

Atty, no, you must stay true to you, or you might realize everything isn't so awful after all. They're brainwashing you, can't you see!? The Grand Tour wants you.
Rat certainly doesn't look a winner. Shockbuddy was burning with desire till the end, but Rat had totally given up while SB was climbing the ropes.

Wow. . . Allie's even excited about what she admits to be boring. There's always a crowd isn't there?
Awwww. . . So close to a double, but I guess Shockbuddy could only make it half the distance. I mean, so sad, they be so hurt, my feels! Okay, I can't stop the giddy laughing, I just find this so damned funny. Shockbuddy had it, badass, highflying, ringcorner bodyslam all ready, but then NO, you lose to a fucking rat.

Rat got a taste of the big leagues, but the big leagues bit harder. He looks so defeated, and I love it.

Anyway. . . Venus FTW! MVP!
This *would* be the perfect time for the Raichu to keel over. Venus FTW!
It's harder to find one the holidays didn't curbstomp.