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Whoa, seeing an update on this is a throw back! I didn't realize you were still making comics!
That is painfully accurate for an introvert X_X
Is this going to be a reboot of your old comic? :)
I was thinking the exact same thing...
This actually falls in line with what happens (horrifically) in our real world. There are people who are fighting it called "The Abolitionists." Trying to save children from sexual abuse and slavery. I can imagine this revelation spurring Flora to organize something along the same lines as the Abolitionist Organization.
February 23rd, 2016
Hold up. Is it winter on this world, or is the vegetation WHITE?
I'll be really shocked if Flora doesn't figure out what's up with Benni at this point. She's been way too insightful and in touch with her instincts so far for this to slip by her.
@inejwstine: Hahaha for the most part yeah!
Marius' musing sometimes leave a lasting impression. Like a train.
Evening Conversations. Marius' sass backfires
MC means 'Main character.' Obviously you are your life's MC, but everyone else's NPC.
@hswoolve: I think it they have cameras and money.
Dang. I just marathoned reading this whole comic in an hour and your story, and art, and EVERYTHING has me bawling like a baby. FANTASTIC!

I have to say don't forget the leaf in the first panel in that list of things. It may not be obvious but I think it does attribute to Sonia's way of reaching Will's heart.
January 19th, 2013
Page one of chapter one! Sorry the updates are going to be pretty sporadic for a while because I'll be leaving for china soon. I should be able to make pages while I'm there, but they probably won't be routine posted until I get back.

Cameo's on this page are owned by:
Kazul G. Fox
Frostee Fox
Name: Fheo Kaplan

Age: 56

Birthday: July 7th

Gender: Male

Race: Hyaenid
--Sub: Spotted Hyena

-- Brooding, quiet, merciful

-- Gang leader's right hand
Name: Nova Nocturne

Age: 21

Birthday: February 4th

Gender: female

Race: Procyonid
--Sub: Ringtail

-- Shy, caring, skittish, loyal, and nosy.

-- Student
Name: Griac Poliwanbl

Age: 19

Birthday: August 8th

Gender: Male

Race: Chimerid
--Sub: hexped
----Sub: Canid
------Sub: Fennec Fox
----Sub: Pteropodid
------Sub: Rodrigues Flying Fox

-- Aloof and Introverted, Protective, Quiet, Kind

-- Gang member
Name: Kairo Kell

Age: 24

Birthday: November 28th

Gender: Male

Race: Canid
--Sub: Mutt
----Sub: Australian Shepherd
----Sub: Red Heeler

-- Friendly, disgruntled, very determined.

-- Unemployed/job hunter
Heya! This was a little test page I made a while back before launching the site. I don't know if I'll keep the page, but I thought I'd share to let you get a sense of the art (at least line-wise)
Character art will continue after this.