@H0lyhandgrenade: Would make sense, I mean he's so small it's hard to see him.
So George finally gets her own little rat bastards? Sweet.
I'm a better adult, eat doughnuts instead!
@The_mad_one: Oh shit like this happens. I follow roosterteeth and achievement hunter and one wouldn't believe the amount of twatbaskets who say shit about one of the female workers there being a fat unhealthy cunt (even though she's pregnant), humans are quite inbred nowadays.
At least you've left us with a cliffhanger that's better than any soap I've seen~
Eyes closed, head first.
@Natain: Yeah, I reread the comic to find that again. I can't wait~
I've drank more this year than I did last year, yay new me. YAY~
@H0lyhandgrenade: Just wait 'till she's older and has been around Atty too long. Then she'll be singing the song of the sailors all day.
This is why I carry fire~
I hope Rat looks like Ditto temporarily because of that Mega Punch~
@The Missingno. Master: If memory serves Surge shoved a thunderstone into his face the moment he got him. At least in the anime.
Imagine how much it sucked to see Smaug in the hobbit movies when one has devoured the book and his art.
September 26th, 2016
@Roach: yeppers
September 19th, 2016
@Cunning: I hope not
September 12th, 2016
Eyebrows can be grown back. Slowly grown back but still grown back.
I hope he destroys her. "American! Do you speak it?" GET HER ATTY!
@NtKGar: Better than what I can do with my TK.
Just eat that lemon raw without peeling it and tell life fuck you. Then go to sleep because sleep is awesome and your nose is full of lemon so it's best to wait it out.