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Please visit my website for more information about me and my work :-)
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    Carola Funder
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I love his accent ;-)
So... this is where it ends? :'-( Shame..
All looks very promising :-)
Love the lightsetting in the last panel.
Those eyes look kinda sad... sadness mixed with a little fury. Or maybe just boredom?
Beautiful art :-) Original.
Very cute and amusing page x-D Adore the colouring and the patience you must have for it...
What a lively page. LOVELY to finally see some REAL MEN in action. They seem to be very rare these days.

Please provide more of this gut stuff.
I SO prefer your handdrawn pages than those coloured digitally.
Awww, hehe... I love how naive she is here. So cute.
I'll have to agree, your design of Eve is very well done. Many may imagine a white lady with blonde hair. But not this time -
I knew God was a woman, and men be her pawns, yay ;-D

I know you say it's not lesbian/sexual, this... but hey, let me have the pleasure just to believe so =^___^=
Still very sensual... thought it may not be your intention... or just me being a perv maybe.

Nevertheless, loves your comic :-))
Very sensual birth I must say.
Sounds like a smexy story and the art looks very promising as well -
Oh just VERY sweet art. Marvelish, but a bit 'looser' lines and makes it more alive, to me.
Begs for update ~
Very pretty girlfriend actually :-P
like it's been said before for the costume... some fetish stuff, yeah, black tight harness stuff.... Or a Dracula costume ?

Btw. agrees with the crowd, VERY neat butt, Mr. Connor.