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Please visit my website for more information about me and my work :-)
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    Carola Funder
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Thank you very much 😊 Looking forward to your story !
Feel free to write anything inspired by BiL 😊 I’d be honoured! Please share with me, when it’s time, if you feel ok with sharing 🤗
Super 😊👍
You’re welcome 😊 I hope it works and you can see it all.
Google says you don’t need an account to view a link to a shared folder in Dropbox. Hopefully it will work for you, if you use a laptop.
I’m not sure it is required. Test it out, and let me know, and we’ll find a solution :-)
It should work on laptop. If you use Dropbox on your phone, maybe also 🤔
You are welcome 😊☀️
Dropbox Link
@Surpirse: Hi :-) This isn't a pdf, but a link to all I have from the old comic from my harddisk. It's located in my Dropbox. I hope it works - . Feel free to download whatever you feel like :-) I should make a pdf of the comic eventually.
Please bear with my slowpokeness >_< I haven’t forgot. I do have the whole comic intact :-) Just need to set up a decument with the pages, which is a bit of work.
Regarding holidays, my family and I stayed inside the boearders of our small country, but still just getting away from home is great enough for a good vacation for the brain :-)
Nice with college. What do you study anything in particular?
Thank you, my holidays were great :-) I’ll see how I can do it best. A PDF file sounds like a solution. I’ll look into it. And sorry for my late reply.
I will see if I can find it, when I’m back from my summer holidays :-) I’m not much into uploading it here again, but if you want the old comic, I’ll be happy to send it to you somehow. Depending on file sizes I’ll see if I can make it a Dropbox link.
Yes, I still have the Blood in Love entire comic somewhere on an old harddisk. At least I believe so. Been years since I checked.
Thank you very much. I am working on the next chapter. It will be in the softer artstyle with all traditional pencils and a little watercolour. I love to mix the styles, and somtimes it fits well with the different happenings of the chapters.
Thank you so much! I love horses, so I made them part of the comic and it’s environment.
Looking good! Always in for a beast !
What a handsome guy that Elan is!
Your artwork and particularly colouring and backgrounds are incredible. Love the designs of your characters too. Interesting story and world!
LOVE this sequence... just ... kind of very melancholic and just beautiful...
If you want to follow my work on YLW, follow my Instragram @carolafunderart

Thank you for stopping by! I'll be happy with any feedback, good and bad :-)