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April 20th, 2014
i was also surprised to see you updated but i was really happy too :) i think you doing a great job with the story :)
July 3rd, 2013
yay you made an update!!! :D
@rukiaprincess: I know I just love yuri
@rukiaprincess: taiki is good (completed), be carefree with me soon I love hidden past is new,rain is lgbt, cowaii is good and to catch a butterfly they are all amazing but my top favorite is you and to be carefree with me soon :)
Oh and rukia if you like yuri comics I know a great one in smackjeeves ask and I'll tell you and im really excited about this chapter :D
@rukiaprincess: haha cool so about the comic is it just echo or is atlah gonna show up or is it a surprise?
I watch sailor moon too! :D and I love this page I love every page you put up and keep up the good work but make sure not the over exert yourself
Are the updates going to be random or on certain days? And im ok with either colored or not :)
It was awesome :')
As long as the sequel has yuri and as good as this comic I'll support you :)
Is the sequel going to be yuri too?
@inuyashagrl23: I was thinking the same thing
@xXCheshire_CatXx: nope i'm worried about it to 0.0
wait 5 pages for the chapter or the whole comic? either way its depressing :(
omg i want qadira and araceli to get together and be a couple so bad
well maybe kimi isn't lying since she has a twin sister maybe raine and lil saw kris with jessi and kimi was with her family or something