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LOVE the mushrooms face in the last panel and the hamster in the second panel vaguely reminds me of Hamtaro
Keno's being a killjoy in this strip mrrrrr =-.-=.
On the other hand, love le new ad watched it for like 6 minutes =p
We should have these more often! ^-^ Stuff that we can interact with in the comic nya! =^~^=
I feel like a horrible human and nekolyte only NOW catching up with the latest strip.

I believe it's because i became recently addicted to comics and can't keep up with all of them. being a big help since it's multiple comics in one place. If you haven't heard of it i Highly Recommend it (Not putting Gar on the spot in any way. P.S. HAPPY SUPER BELATED BIRTHDAY!! =O That Rhymed!!!)
Neko is such an awesome teacher!! i would want him as my science teacher!!! he makes stupid things sound logical!!! by the way... is that his butt in the last panel??? it looks kinda funny..
...... You made me cry from the cuteness Q___Q!!
Night On The Prowl Poem 3
ZAP!! Goes the roach
Oh wait... he missed

Now it's Lobster's time to shine with crazy magic trickery
Oh wow!! He grew a beard
What is this wizardry??
Anyway, back to Poe
Who's sneaking up on the down low
Trying it's best the roach leaps to a crack
Poe aims for it, concentrating and targeting is what he lacked
Poe zaps it with all he's got
But alas, (Miraculously) it got away
Poe wishing it would rot..

The first part at the top is part of the poem, but it didn't quite fit right.. soooo I separated it from the rest
Night On The Prowl Poem 2
Too much chicks
Not enough dicks
So Poe leaves Lobster with the girls hanging around him like a pimp with a whore clique
Oh No!! What's was that? I heard a hisss
Oh... thats just Sammy acting dumb and shit
Off Poe went to have some torturing fun
Oh no!! Here he comes!!!
Night On The Prowl Poem 1
Poe and Lobster, a night on the prowl
Listening to the late night wolf howl
They decide it's time to go to the bar to pick up some chicks
Sipping on beer and sniffing cat nip
Poe magnetising all the chicks with his magic tricks
Lobster applauding him but really thinking....
'Poe, you like dicks.....'

Just a little poem that I never decided to make and just came to me as I went along..... hope you enjoyed it!!!

Can't wait till the next page so I can write more (If anything else comes to mind)!
I spy...
1. I spy neko in the background!!!
2. Did anyone else notice Alice's earrings are/looks white in panel 4???
I was like "NOOOO KENO :O!!!" When Death killed him but I was like "Eh Murphy :/....."
Okay, I feel better now... I love karaoke! But unfortunately for me, today I broke out with a sudden, painful sore throat and a headache. Today just isn't my day.
I don't Celebrate Halloween because my mom doesn't believe in it and is being a dick about it, Sadly ruining all of the fun for me and being stuck in my house doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!,while all my other friends dress up and have fun..... It sucks... =3 =(
*Sigh*.... I wish I could visit Death and annoy him....
@GabrielsThoughts Lol my Spanish teacher taught us about ASS-U-ME ing and told us her life stories about it..... YAY LIFE STORIES!!!
Lost In Peace
Awww they remind me of the kitten that my aunt bought for my younger cousins 1 or 2 weeks ago, that they lost the fourth day they had him.....
Hello everybody!! This is my first time commenting and might I say that this is the most awesomeness of awesome comic that I've ever read (So far...)

I have had a Smackjeeves account for at least 1 to 2 weeks tops... I was suppose to comment/announce my arrival on the second strip of "La Petite Mort" but however, I came across many technical difficulties.... but I think that its now safe to say that I will now be a regular commentator (??? Was that the right word?? I wanted to sound smarts!!!).

On another note, I am a in grade 9 in junior high and I introduced alot of my friends to alot of good comics and this one was always the first one that I recommended and the first one that they recommend to their friends... also I live in Nassau, Bahamas so your comic is known everywhere, its like a virus!!! :D

All in all, keep up the good work!!!


I got my avy!! yay!!!