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I'm a student who is currently studying Art and Design at AUB. After I finish my current course I want to go on and study into animation. I'm an aspiring comic artist. I want to release atleast one graphicc novel before I die. Anyway, I've worked on many many many past comics on here. Most notably Hypermode, CityBreak and Legends Quest but none of them have really worked out for me. Mostly due to lack of interest or simply the fact I always feel like I've got a better idea.
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Go Over To My Other Comic
Lost Stars. I promise you it's gonna be awesome!
I changed page 2
and moved the bottom image to here. It fits better with the overall comic. an image a page
Sorry about the delay
currently working at full speed to get my Summer Project complete.
it teaches many lessons. I guess the main one I picked up on is the power of friendship. that like the comic states. friends stick together no matter what. I believe a true friend is a friend who will have your back during your darkest hour and will know exactly how to cheer you up when you're down
Back in the swing of things!
Okay Guys and Dolls! I've gotten until the 9th to finish this comic completely which is a mission and a half and will require my undivided attention. I'm gonna need some cheering on guys :)

Legend of Zelda, if you can take one thing from that game it's treating chickens with respect. those bastards will kill you. no mercy just full metal badass
@Gigigi: Not gonna lie... you're not gonna get it
@SpikyRoxas: Daw why thank you stranger! I'm glad you of all people like it :)

@timmytimecomics: Dude! I'm glad you like it. I'm glad you like the top panel. That one took a little bit longer then I expected but it was all good fun. That bottom panel didn't take nearly as much time so I tried to compensate with a little bit of light glowing effects. it felt to boring and lazy but I'm glad like it dude. the drawing and the idea that is ^_^ good to hear you like both. I would love to draw an nintendo fan comic but I want to focus on this for now then I'm gonna start on lost stars (another comic idea I'm currently working on with none other then @SpikyRoxas above you). Mario's Day Job would be exactly the kind of thing I would go for but with maybe a bigger story or something? I don't know. it would have to be epic XD
More Pages Coming Soon
I've got a load of sketches done but I'm currently in Prague on Vacation so I'm not gonna be able to make any new pages until wednesday

Yes Growing up, I was definetly very influenced by video games in the sense it allowed me to imagine which inspired me to draw. I used to ask my father to illustrate bad stories. One pops into my head that has yoshi on the cover and I can still vaguely remember to this day. i remember he helped me draw and staple my first stories. I remember being in hospital with a broken arm. I wrote a short story about mario. my first webcomic was about video games and I can hand on my heart say to myself with 100% belief; video games played a massive part in my personal journey to how I became me.
what's her angle? -_- I have so many questions that need answers
Hello and Welcome
This is a comic about the things that I've taken away from video games throughout my childhood. It's about valuable life lessons video games teach us. It's about the awesomeness and beauty of the most beautiful art form; enjoy. expect pages shortly
Happy Birthday! hope you had a great day Lop ^_^ you deserve it for being so awesome and making my favorite webcomic
Guys! lets all just take a moment to enjoy how well those clouds are drawn
I felt for the characters but I didn't cry. I just sat here and was all like "wait, why is everyone crying? this is really sweet in it's own way" but apart from the dry eyes I really really loved the video. I thought it was done so well. nicely done and well drawn as always. I would love to see some more of this sweet video action in the future. keep up the good work! :)
oh god my sides
awwwwwwwwwwwww she's adorable *__*
I grow to hate George more and more each page. like really hate. I've never truly hated a fictional character before but George has done it.
Dude, it sounds awesome. Are we starting from where we left off or are you doing a complete reboot type thing?
It's been so long. dear god this beautiful
@moe2311: It's cool, but you really should. Neil Patrick Harris at his best
@moe2311: Are you serious? The image on this page uses lyrics from the Dr. Horrible song "My Eyes".