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D'aaaaaw, he's so excited!
@LazersToPew: Ah ok. I've never watched Dr Who so I didn't know what the phrase meant or when it was used.
...noooooooooooo...-faux innocent smile-
October 14th, 2015
Bram's face says one thing: You don fucked up.
@Guest: He was blending in to hide from the tin soldier guy.
@DaBrokor: It means "Let's go!" according to urban dictionary. (I only know that cause I googled it, so we were in the same boat).
September 29th, 2015
Soon as they get home White's gonna rip Black's pants off and ravish him on multiple surfaces.
Why not have both win? Poly relationship! Plus then Chris can live out that dream of his ¬ω¬
Hiro: -sparkles with happiness-
@Crimson Chains: Those last two statements make the rest of the years that this comic will progress marginally better.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! -pouncetacklehugglomp- Wait if you're going to be old by the time this is over I'll be ancient...Fuuuuuuuuuuu.
Am I the only one who wants their own Assok?

Ok so, paranoid mom is now king, taking out her paranoia out on Lady Cascavel, and is influencing her son's decisions without telling him what happened to her fellow dragons with the same kind of magic. Bitch.
I just noticed Asock is saying "Aliveit snice," aka "Alive, it's nice."
May 24th, 2014
Ok so, I'm guessing something bad happened that Ryouta noticed online, and that's him knocking on the door, not Tomoki like Tomoya thinks.
Omg...the fish ships them....we have a fellow shipper IN THE COMIC that is a fricken GOLDFISH XD
I just KNOW something bad's gonna happen like Sai's gonna get kidnapped and then Kuragi and Gen are gonna freak the fuck out and go all 'vengful bf and mamma bear' on the kidnapper's asses.
I'm thinking Kai likes the robes, or at least taking them off Aki ¬u¬

And welcome back Crimmy!!!
April 22nd, 2014
Kyle: -sigh- I hit an asshole over the head with a lunch tray.
Robert: Wait WHAT?!
@lazy-lil-king: That, is the best response. You win at the internet.