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HI im slitherbot im a robot creature on the internet and my powers include:
- drawing pictures
- drawing webcomics
- making noises (music)
- animation sometimes
- vidoegame creating (1)
- knitting scarves and only scarves
- drinking juice
- cracking my knuckles
- staring into space
- being green
- being a fighting machine
- i like soup
if you;ve read this u won!!!
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DIAMOND EYES..excited for this new character, also happy new years!!!
*sticks my leg into the comments cuz WHOA dude..*
i want to give my thoughts; i agree that it would be waaay too much work to undermine like 2 years of work from many people, even though there is a lot of problems. but i believe that with what we have, it could be fixed. like if we were to cut the parts that drag on, or to add more to whats lacking. because we need to think; whats approachable to the average viewer! not specifically towards those who know what a tournament comic is, or a multiple author comic.
so wat im saying is yeah reboot is too much, but with some EXTREME editing, it would be cool! theres really a lot of awesome ideas that just havent been seen yet in this story. but i can understand that from an outsiders point of view that things can seem really confusing, which is a huge deal, impressions matter.
real quick tho, it would be weird if context of the tournament were to be given like 40+ pages in, unless thats something thats emphasized throughout the comic, which it hasnt really. just good ol battle timez. IDK my opinion probly doesnt matter too much cuz ive been here for like 4 seconds and my contributions so far have just been the cover oops.
*backs up into the shadows*
WOOOOOOO IM SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS REVIEWED AFTER HAVING IT FOR SO LONG... thank you again! I think one the problems it has like soul field, was that it's ~mysterious~ for the sake of being mysterious, and it comes off as really confusing, I think I said that on the last review. Anyway yeha my idea for having it reconstructed was making the pages larger, I've been wanting to double the page sizes to be 800x1000 and sort of condescending two pages into it. It would probably make it seem shorter but I might just do that and taking the advice of expanding on scenes and give em more purpose and time to settle.
And YEA THE INTERMISSIONS WERE THE PARTS I HATED LOOKING AT LOL. I don't know if I can destroy it as a whole, but like completely change it and have there be only one so far. And when this comic is reworked, I'll have the opportunity to differentiate the main three. I honestly hadn't noticed that they were similar! I've always thought of them as they were pre-amnesia, their personalities at the beginning were kinda blank and that they're slowly becoming who they were before. I'll make it more obvious oops. As for bonbon, she really does have purpose n stuff, but like I said before I keep trying to make thing overly mysterious and it's just confusing. ALSO for the whole, Everyoen in hot dagn is trans and gay in some way, you're darn right it's gotta be stated in canon, I'll find a way to bring it up naturally!!!
Not one of the points brought up in the review but the thing I'm worried about is when the world outside the mansion is introduced. Because you said it works well for what it is, mansion shenanigans and the characters in it. Like SPOILER but eventually that's gonna come into play and it's been leading up to that starting with the tv segment thing and hot actually being outside, hopefully I'll be able to shift things smoothly towards that part.
The changes I make won't be drastic, I'd really just like to expand on some scenes and merge to make larger pages and redraw/rewrite some stuff. Also keep how my old art looked cuz it's always fun to compare the first page with recent pages omg...
Now that I think about it, salvageable is too dramatic a word. I'm just either loving what I make or GOD THIS SUCKS WHOD EVEN LIKE THIS, ya know! I've really thought that if it was ever critiqued, it would've been torn down and all the time I spent on this thing would suddenly become invalid and everyone who read it would feel tricked or soemthing. I think I have a big flaw in my stories where things are just really incoherent at times. Like if a person were to analyze my work with the mindset of "Aha! The creator is trying to Tell us something!" they'd be like Wow this persons frickn random xD! IDK I started this comic when I was 14 and tired and never though ppl would think much of it. But the comic rly makes me happy overall! And I'm always SO excited for the things that will happen in its future and OH MY GOD THAT DOG.

This is a big weird pile of text and this point I'm rambling oops. But YEAH thank you so much!!! I'm glad u enjoyed some of it! I'm gonna make this thing better
Also that's ok u can keep the link, people can look at what it is now before it changes.
November 27th, 2017
@Dustydells: your darn tootin it is, it's the same universe
November 26th, 2017
legs 4 days
November 26th, 2017
WHICH CABINET DO WE LOOK THROUGH? or u can command something else!
November 26th, 2017
> check closet!
November 25th, 2017
WAHOO GOT DRESSED!! also sweet lore!
> look around room?

BTW, you should give the comic a cover page and tag it so other ppl can find it and command so it isnt just me 👍👀
November 25th, 2017
@Stitched: NO PROB!! :D
November 25th, 2017
had the URGE to make FANART bot-dbutt3w.png
edit: smakcjeeves destroys links all the time so u gotta connect the link to see it
November 25th, 2017
OH THIS IS CUTE best wishes for you on this comic!!!
name: Mino Given
gender: Feminine Mystery
outfit: first one!
@Stitched: Oo oki i understand that, and im excited to see what you're making! your art is really sweet!!💪👀💪
also cheeto will forever be in my heart
oh my god this is the cutest i love CHEETO!! i hope it continues sometime
i dont know whaat any of this means either
November 25th, 2017
frick yea
November 25th, 2017
if anyones wonder yes these pages were drawn with pencil then coloured digitally, someday i'll get better at that