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Hello~ My name is Mishe (Me-sheh)!! Not really sure what to put here...i like reading comics? :3 and at the moment i am loving harvest moon, rune factory, pokemon, and lots of manga! >3<
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So precious!! My heart can't take it.
omg I would love for you to have time to make the double emerald nuzlocke comic ;7; this was such a wonderful nuzlocke. Probably my favorite XD It was just so awesome ;u; I'm sad to see it end but at the same time it ended so perfectly!! <3 Ahhh I have tears pricking my eyes ;7; But hopefully youre able to make the hoenn comics <3 or any comic! I just love your work <3 and your Crystal and Gold are my favorite!
Good Luck!! O7O
it must be really hard to do medical school and drawing DX I'm surprised you've done so much this far!! :0
The stupidest smile appeared on my face when I saw you updated XD
DAWWW that's so cute >w<
mgrjkfdnfd that is so cute >3<
I missed youuuu~ ;7;
February 4th, 2013
Bad Gray bad!!!
Are you going to update anymore?
He looks like he's crying in the first panel. :0
Is one of Laila's sister's a shiny too?
This is so awesome already and its only been 2 comics XD
Yesssss Romance!!!
Your back ;7; yess!!! We've missed youuu fhnjakvds *hugs*
Well thats nice i guess....
@MikoDesu: I shall eagerly wait!
woot! Epic fights!!! cant wait for the next update >U<
Oh god i love you sapphire XD youre so silly! and i like your comics either way ! <3
October 9th, 2012
Yesss i caught up!!! I can't wait for the next update! This is such a wonderful comic~~ ive fallen in love with it! >3<