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My name is Robb (with two Bs)
I'm 16, 5'8" and REALLY skinny.
I like manga/anime, nintendo, dogs, and many web comics. Air and food is good too.
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Deer Hunter
So, this is what Eric thinks is grocery shopping... ^^;
Anyway, this is the first comic I used my tablet to tone. After this all the line art will be done by tablet as well.
Those...ears...are...AWESOME! O.O
it actually didn't have a punch line until I figured out what to put in the last panel... <<;
Brilliant work, as usual! I had a feeling that Ivy wouldn't have many doubts. lol :D
But what does Ren think?
It showed up for me. Very nice, as usual! I'm especially envious of your hands. *needs to work on that* <<;
More Kryveny goodness~^^
August 4th, 2007
Coin Box
Well, SPECIAL EXTRA!!! In case you were wondering, thats me in the Mario Coin Box, at Otakon with some buddies. Heh, and you thought you could find out what I looked like! Priceless.
August 4th, 2007
Well, there is a LOT of photoshop going on here. I changed the word bubble things to the computer generated ones, as well and just a lot of general shading going on. I don't think I will keep it this way (too much work) and will go back to a more traditional inking and such. We'll see.
Who is the Mysterious man in the cape!?!?!
Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn!
*First comment dance*
Best Reaction Ever
If you want to. Although I don't know if it really reprisents the comic :P
Most excelent. Although I must say those scratches make Mel look like a tiger.
Well, I'm getting pretty close to the end of this mini-arc. It only took a year... hmmmmm... *note to self: Don't stop updating in the middle of a story-arc.* I actually drew this one a while ago, but was waiting for the chance to use it.
No, actually... he just finds her name... amusing. The whole thing is just an excuse for me to name her :P
Fun With Names!
Well, if you don't get this one... Its probobly for the best. Why oh why do I make these jokes... Oh, and the words in the last pannel actually say "Totally Evil" not "Potall Evil." Just in case you were confuzled.
What lurks in Darkness
Well, after the last comic you knew there had to be an explanation. Just for the record, the poor monster under the bed didn't know what he was getting into and had to to therapy aftreward. Eric still braggs to this day.
Thanks! Probobly 'cause I never really advertised it :P
Well, this is the first comic I've posted in a loooooong while... Its actually a combined effort by myself and Sharly from Exiled Dreams. It features her character Kryven and of course, Eric. Hope you like!
September 10th, 2006
Karrak's Coment
Me and Eric will now be using this space to post stuff about the current comic or whatever else we feel like!
The Comic: Well I didn't use as much toning in this comic as the last. But I think it still turned out ok.
Whatever Else: I got Mario DDR on Monday. Its so fun, but at the same time I feel kinda lame...
I finnally got Photoshop! So now I can use screen tones galore! Mwah ha ha ha!