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Hi! Kornet here. Eighteen-years-old and a proud pinay, but usually mistaken for Chinese for my slight chinita looks and awkward Tagalog speaking. Anyways, I love to draw, write, sleep, and read/watch whatever catches my eyes. Sometimes, I try to make doujinshi/my own manga in hopes of improving my failing art skill, so expect some random stuff coming from me. ^^;;

Interest: Kingdom Hearts (I/II/CoM) and Dragon Shadow Spell
Playing: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+
Reading: How to Draw Manga Computones (Vol. 4)

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To phz :
Ah...! It's been so long since we last talked. XD;;

Haha, about that: you know what's weird? I ACTUALLY thought October 8 was LAST FRIDAY. *facepalm* That's why I rushed to post this last Friday (but actually finished the page on Saturday morning XD). I only realized it when I was about to upload the page in here. XD;; Weeeeeeird, I know.

Well...that's the problem. ^^;; I still can't find the style I'm most comfortable with, so that's probably why my pages are all inconsistent, haha. ^_^;; But I will! I will find that "oomp!" style someday! *is determined than ever*

Thank you very much! I'm happy you liked the chibis, even though I think I'm bad at drawing them still. XD;; And, yeah, I'm surprised about that, too! But it makes me really happy to think that you guys actually take the time to make a comment despite being guests, compared to those who just add, uhm, this in their favorites. <3 And, what?! *blushes* Of course not! I still have a long way to go, you know! XD;;

I just updated the two pages right now as a sort of good luck to your finals. =3 Hope you did well on them! *hugs*
To iAnni :
Thank you! I'll try to update more before Fall Break ends. =D
To Kuriqa :
*blushes so hard* Oh, wow, thank you very much! That's too nice of you. =^_^=

You're right. =D Like I told karmacode, I'm just annoyed about the inconsistence of all the pages, except for the Prologue part. But oh well! XD;;

Thanks again! I'll try my best to post more pages before Fall Break ends! =3
To karmacode:
You're right. =D I guess I'm just worried by the lack of consistency to all the pages, haha. Except for the Prologue part, I think, which I did in one go. f^_^;;

Thank you very much for the support! And, *blushes*, I'm really glad to hear that this doujin makes your day! =^_^=
To Thetra:
*laughs* Thank you! =D I told Kata, if I followed my rough drafts exactly, there's 1-15 more pages to go before that scene. ^^;; But I think I might end up disappointing you guys because the drawings are probably onl going to be lime-ish - still fail at drawing full lemon, after all. XD;;

Thank you again! And aww...! I'm happy to hear that this doujin makes you happy. =^_^=
To Kata:
Ah, thank you very much! =D
I'll try to update as many pages as I can this Fall Break! As for that part...err, if I followed my rough drafts exactly, there's 10-15 more pages to go before that scene. ^^;; But I think I might end up disappointing you guys because the drawings are probably onl going to be lime-ish - still fail at drawing full lemon, after all. XD;;

And thanks! I'm glad you liked Sora's clothes in here! When I first thought of the clothes, I was afraid people would think I gave him childish clothes. ^^;;
...You know, I could have uploaded it earlier if it isn't for the fact that I kept getting distracted by Katekyo Hitman Reborn, which, I discovered yesterday, is an awesome show, by the way.

But that's not the point. Err...I think I made this page look too bland with mostly dialogues. I'm sorry! ^^;;

*works on the next page*
You know what I learned today?

Tablet makes things hell lot easier.

...not that I didn't know about that before, but...I want to hit myself for even thinking of not buying a tablet once. O_O;; I'm still practicing drawing with it, so the lineart in page 14 and 15 are still manually done, I'm sorry. ^^;; The rest is done with the tablet, though. =D

Anyways - haha, I finally added Tidus here, though I'm not sure if he's anywhere look like the canon KH!Tidus. XD;; *fails* I personally love how Sora looks in here, but dunno, I think I, err, screwed up drawing Kairi and Riku. ^_^;; I guess it's because I was running out of ink at that time.

Last thoughts? Must. Work. On. Expressions. So. Bad! *hates the fact that everyone looks so emotionless in her drawings*
Well, the lineart is...pretty old? And please don't mind how big the callouts had become. ^^;;

My style just keeps on changing and changing every page - take the eyes, for example. I...hope you don't mind that? ^^;;

*works on the next page*
Is this page too...blurry? ^^ I remember liking this page before - and by 'before', I mean last two(?) weeks ago - but now I can spot all the mistakes I made here, haha. That always seem to happen to me whenever I see my old drawings. ^^;;

I kinda like the panelling, though. It's different from the rest so far. As for the flowers...been reading Tanemura Arina's works a lot lately, I guess. ^^;; I love her art style so much that I aspire to draw like her someday, but that's impossible, haha. XD;;

Anyways! I'm sorry for not being able to draw Tidus in there. I sort of noticed it after I finished coloring this. -_-;;

*goes to sleep*
Oh my-...Wow. The last time I checked SJ, there's only 70+ fans, and now it's, what, 112?! That really surprised me! I have no idea who hit the 100th mark, but anyways, thank you very much for the lovely people who fav'd, especially those who took the time to type a comment! I truly appreciate everything~ <3

I have the lineart of the new cover ready, the only problem is finding the time to finally color it. -_-;;

Anyways. I can't...draw Hayner, I'm sure it shows, so I'm sorry. I can't believe I even forgot drawing their bags in here (and the next page)! O_O;;

As for their expressions lately...Ouran much? XD;;
To Sukkoppu:
Aww...thank you very much! *blushes* I was having a hard time drawing Sora's hair, so I tried to simplify it a bit. ^^;; And I'm glad someone noticed the hidden Mickeys! XD;; I thought no one noticed it, but you did. ^_^ I'll be adding more in the future pages~ XD;;

Comments always inspire me to work faster, so thank you so much! <3
To Yuriko713:
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. =D Hopefully, I could update soon~
To Solo:
*laughs* I guess so. XD;;

And, yeah, Demyx will appear later, but it's only a brief appearance. ^^;;

Thank you! Glad you liked it. =3
To kyoken:
Wow, I'm happy that you liked this 'cause I most certainly love your drawings. =3

Haha, oo nga, eh. XD;; More pinoy Riku/Sora fans, the better. XD;;
To Lore:
Oh, thank you! I really hope I could keep up with your expectation and finish this doujinshi eventually. <3
To Dualism:
*blushes* Oh, wow, thank you very much~! I actually replied about that fic in your latest entry in LJ, but still, I want to say that I'm really excited to read that Struggle fic of yours! *_*

I think I'll just post two or more pages whenever I update. XD;; (And, haha, if your sister ever gets to the KH fandom, do you reckon she'll like Riku/Sora? XD;;)

Again, thank you very much! I'm really, really happy that you liked it~ I'm...trying a different style because my current style is very, uhm, childish (for the lack of better word to say ^^), so I hope I could make them more adult-like in the next pages. ^^;;
To CrackerZZZ :
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. =^_^=
I swear, you're slowly turning me into human!Psyduck/Misty, and that's saying something. XD;;

(Also, I keep wanting to say this but never had the right time to do it: I'd like to say that I could imagine everything happening in canon - you seem to have a good grasp on their characters and managed to keep them IC despite the circumstances. And that's great. XD;;)
Haha, thank you! I...really hope I could finish that summer reading project soon, because I'm interested in doing something else (more interesting). XD;;