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I'm a tattoo artist with a thirst for comics...
ready to enter this world, with my own...
we'll see :)
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you know,
that's kinda the whole point!
some day
people will know, 'loving women' does not mean 'hating men'
stop telling people what to do.

This comic works both ways!
If a person tells you'd look better with less make up on, the same answer counts.
If you want ,I'll make that comic too.

November 26th, 2016
have a good one!
Enjoy the holidays, wherever you are.

This is my first digital Frank'n Me :)
November 22nd, 2016
To Do
So Much To Do,

You must know that feeling?
this song
is the creepiest thing.
Have you really listened to the lyrics?...did you here these words:

°Say what's in this drink? (WHAT?!!!)
°I really can't stay
(Oh baby don't hold out) ..that's what creeps say
°But don't you see?
(How can you do this thing to me?) (sad sad boy...)

September 13th, 2016
read the comments
September 13th, 2016
I'm a liar
This situation is totally impossible and I am sorry for lying.
The thing is, I am very allergic to cats, this scenario would kill me pretty instantly.

I'll never lie again

'clean up your desk' they say
'why ?' I ask
This is creepy
For some reason, this keeps happening to me!
And I am shocked each time!
Guys sneaking up behind me and softly moving their finger up and down my neck... brrrrrraaaaaarghh!
It freaks me out!

I know there's a tattoo there, but do you realize you are stroking the neck of a complete stranger !
Would you do that to someone else?
Why? why would you do that!!??

The festival season has begun, and I'm sure it will happen again, and I'm sure I'll scream "don't touch me!" once more; only to get a weird look back. As if it was the most normal thing to do.
Believe you me, one day, I will punch someone!

I went to ballet for the first time in my life, and if someone on stage had binoculars, this is about what they would've seen.
Frank'n Me are celebrating their 150th today!
Hip Hip Hoorah!!

Thank you for those who have been reading, laughing, eye rolling and even hating since the beginning.
And thank you to all those who discovered us later...We'll give you more laughter, eye rolling and maybe some hate in the future!

This might be a good time to mention that I am planning on finally bundling the comic so you can laugh, read ,roll while holding a real Frank'n Me book in your hands!

This is a plan, don't expect it to happen tomorrow ; )
But expect it soon

In the meantime, if you think, "Huh, Eva might need some financial aid for that book, I would like to help"
Well then, you are an amazing human being (or imaginary friend) and there will be prints you can buy, not in the least...a print of this first photo of Frank'n Me! WAUW!
More print options will follow, also on my Mpatshi (FB) page ;)

Eva (Me) and Frank (Me)
Hey Girl!
Beware of catcalling... somebody might make a comic and turn your logic upside down!
Aaaah, sun and butterflies and...hey!

This one is dedicated to Joke, she loves's to see me suffer and it's her
Happy birthday Djoke!

It's a book's been ages since I've done one of these!

I'm reading 'every day sexism' here... a book by Laura Bates.
I highly recommend it!
Especially to catcallers, people who think 'they're just compliments' and people that say 'but not all men...'

Of course not all men! But I won't discuss it anymore with you unless you read this book first!

been missing Scotland :)
She's been wearing the kilt non stop!
Guest comic
By the amazing Judi , tattoo artist at Ink Minx tattoo in Scotland... She knows what she's talking about!

Thank you Judi!!
My friends and I have a silent agreement, when we are in a bar and anyone asks who did their tattoos, they don't tell!

Tattooers will understand!
We have no need to talk about work to strangers on our day of ;)
I'm pretty sure every tattooer knows this pain.
We go out, we have a drink and we start telling people that, "Sure!" we'll tattoo them!

Just a quick hint, if you ever go to a place with me and I drink something, nothing I say about tattoos is true anymore!
The only way I speak the truth about appointments and the way it all works is via email.

When everything on the menu is vegan.