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YES. THIS IS AMAZING. GOOD JOB //claps for you
I can't wait to see the rest of it.
yesyes delusional.... or not?
it's about a stone. that changes. and a guy with blue hair. and a girl with a unicorn dress/shirt.
that's all I got
I don't know if I'm afraid of her or I pity her.
Reality. and sadly, I am there too. I WANNA COME TOOO
Wave-Chan!!! I didn't know you posted here too? hmm... I'm going to enjoy this.
Gosh Gizmo, you're so cute
I can relate to your boyfriend. I was called a boy once... even though I weared a dress then. I guess some people can't really "see" wel
hmm... you cough up blood... maybe you're A VAMPIRE!!! (sorry, I had to, inside joke with an friend..)
"or I'll slap you" best threat ever.
girl, I found your comic!! (wel, skype did all the work....) like it so far!
yeah, sumer for you, I still have 3 weeks school. and other stuff
I'm cool? thank you :D I'm flattered >W<
poor Gizmo. He's so awesome, go ask that question!!
@ToyaN: was I tight?!? no way...
that hair.. I think or Zorua or Colress, idk why...
this is gonna be epic.
the hat looks good! it really suit's him.
why do I have a feeling I know what's going to happen...?
god, i hate walking too. But it's always better than running!