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I still don't exist.
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I'd assume the community is pretty much gone but... too many good memories to just not put this here.
I don't know what the hell happened. Suddenly spriting seems much harder than it did before. Maybe because I stopped for so long. Getting into a rhythm almost doesn't seem worth the effort when there's real life events going on
February 23rd, 2016
Custom but pointless since Veemon has full sheets already, but I needed to practice for smaller digis. Also, school sucks right now

-His horns look terrible once I put them side by side :<
February 7th, 2016
February 7th, 2016
This looks stupid to me, but whatever. I think I'm too lazy to do much other than Digimon at this point.
I'm gonna start a comic. No real update schedule, no special effects or set plot or anything. I'll just be using Paint XP for this one. I won't even be using legitimate digivolution lines. Kinda just doing it for fun, no idea what to name it though.
Thanks everybody.
2 years...
A sleeker base.
Fully custom, but I give credit to AngryBoy and Sasderuto of DA. I looked at Sasderuto's base as a reference (as well as used the skin color) and was inspired to try this style while watching the Spriting on a Whim podcast.
Demo's older step brother
A single tear shall be wept every August 9th for the next 8 years...
>Don't. Write up a peace treaty and persuade Devidramon to sign it by offering newly aquired bacon.
I like it, it's right eye looks hella big though.
Through the Fire and Flame?
Wasn't even a request, I was just bored...

Credit to ZeedGarurumon owner
Thought it could use a touch-up.