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The third panel I find my self thinking, who let the press in to take photos of that attack?
September 28th, 2017
So setting #1 is a light, rapid fire (or was fired multiple times); setting #2 is a lager, sphere like blast; setting #3 is a beam like shot.

Now I want to see a page giving us a lot more info on this weapon. Like how much drain did it put on its user, did the "amplifier" deplete any, is this going to have to be submitted to some "Magic Item Investigation Group" do to its ability?

My main question is, why was I cursed to not have this skill to draw! All I see now is him as a cowboy with a glass of milk!
September 26th, 2017
Now I'm not a combat mage or anything, but casting a large fireball that close could be a bad thing.
September 25th, 2017
Now I just want to know what type of drain he feels on his magic at setting 2?

I'm thinking setting 4 would be a all or nothing shot.
Broom to the save or gem had a summon delay.
Calling it now.
September 25th, 2015
I really hope the amount of magic used dose not effect the size of the elemental...
Is this the point were we find out that she is a really easy drunk (if you could get drunk on stuff like that) and then we see her turn into the best drunken air fighter the world has ever seen.

Or he mixed up his flask, and she explodes.
Now I want to see him break down the wand and see the works or if combat spell change was achieved. That and see if this had a drain on our "low MP" friend.
I look at Magicarp and his face and think to my self he is screaming for help. Maybe he can't swim?
I got 5 gold saying that the broken blade has some thing bad about it...I smell a curse.
Dex this is Wall....Wall this is Dex

And who said Def. was a dump stat.
And now we see how much power that spell takes to use. And if he has the speed left to take on Bachi when he starts his attack.

Tho got to give it to him his blender spell is kinda cool.
Am I the only one wanting to see Dex run into a earth wall?

"HA your to slow you box of ro" BAM!
That is why me having magic would be a bad thing, and the floor under you is now mud... then back to stone. Jerks every were you don't want them.
I look at that last pan and think to my self.
He has nothing to do with that ring... right?
I feel he knows more/is a part of this some how.
Is this were we get words of wisdom. Gems of helpful tips on how to make this work. Will we see the teacher show his sharp mind with this problem? Or did he hear about you know who eating with a lady?
This is making me want to know more about how all this stuff works.
• How dose mana play a part in some ones essence?
• Could it be used in place of essence?
• What really counts as a "catalyst" could his ring work as that? Can only low level spells be placed in a gem or orb?
I know he will come up with something great! I'm looking forward to see him beat his limitations!
January 21st, 2014
@Aamon: The way it looks is that Cal broke down the Light Stone he "won" and turned it back into its pure essence. Using that he could trigger the ring and "cast" the spell inside. But it still taped into what little essence he had.

About the ring. We don't what spell it was do to it being to strong for Cal him self to identify. So until he makes a stronger identify scroll or has some one look into it for him we wont know how powerful the spell really is.

On that note I'm looking forward to learning more about it and what items good old Cal could make!
October 3rd, 2013
Caldwell ..... he's right ..... "use the ring"
BTW Welcome back!