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I'm all about blah blah blah's :)

Don't be shy and ask me because I don't know what to say that could be of any interest to anyone :D

I draw a comic that's not super at all... wait, I mean, "Not 'Super' At All". Because it's actually SUPER cool. Go read it!
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    Sweet Reichel
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@MatrixMercenary: well Link has too many theories (or, rather, hypothesis) so in one of them... Yeah. Maybe.

Thank you for your comment!!
@ColdFusion: Samus is indeed part of the human race, but from a planet that is not Earth (or wherever the eternal fight takes place). At least that's what Link explained to me~

Thank you for your comment!
@witswithme: you're totally right but be careful about calling him that, or you'll get a kick too!!

Thank you for your comment!!
"I swear she had short hair yesterday!!" -Falco.

And for thore who were worried about Pit being in debts... o-read-that-manga-in
@Smiwee: I'm glad you did now! Merry Christmas hohoho!
@Syrnak: it certainly must be x-mas, right? :D thanks for your comment as always, too!
@Ryhonn: yes, they are twins and work different shifts at the school's library! In case you want to call them by their name, he is Robin and she is Reflet.
@ColdFusion: thanks as always for your comments!! I'm glad you liked it :)
@Djoing: thanks for reading, for your comments and for the correction!
@ForestFire: Hey there! Thanks for the comment!!

Yeah I don't know what's with this (ex) yellow guy, now becoming so colorful... I can only say he's kind of... short-tempered...

Anyway other little guys might be part of this comic if they're in the right place at the right time, but to be honest we aren't even close to be done with main characters (cough*playablecharacters*cough) so I won't be promising anything yet.
@D: haha well I'm glad you were not just joking about posting the comments! Thanks a lot! And thanks for wishing us good luck! As I said, we're still working hard trying to update periodically, so stay tunned please!
@Shadmé: thank you so much! And well none of the playable characters from the game will be forgotten! ^-^
@SmashWaffle: hey thanks for commenting! You didn't hear this from me but his time is coming too :B
@Syrnak: Hahaha thank you! And thanks for the comment :) and naah it's okay, it had to be done, true
Hey there long time no seeeeee

Haha first of all

Soooooorrrrrrrryyyyyyyy hahaha

Second of all. Good news! I got a good grade on this important exam I needed to pass in order to graduate. Like, I still have to pass another one next semester but hey I'm halfway there. So! T H A N K S to all people who still follows despite us being busy and updating so scarcely. (Supercerealoso is also studying hard btw). We're truly tying our best to keep this thing going and at a good rythm.

Please hang in there and have patience!

We love you for that and thank you again!
@robin: You think? But no one has more style than the Royalty of the School! :P
@D: thank you so much for the beautiful comment! We're working hard to keep updating it as soon as posible (as close as every week we try), so don't stop reading! I guess some mysteries will be solved but I'm not sure about others :O and I will make it my personal mission to make you tempted to buy SSB4 :D
Also I admit everyone here has a strange sense of fashion but this time Ike really made it big right
@Guest: That's something we will probably find out later! Thanks for the comment :D