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hello this is my secend account lost my old one


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pokemon drawings

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The 2 Warriors

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Comment on Ch 6, pg 26 of Pokemon Break!
pinkpikachu3000, 15 Jun 2013 04:40 am
Good luck moving,me and my family are moving as.well.also NOOOOO... GET UP
Comment on April Fools of Pokemon Break!
pinkpikachu3000, 02 Apr 2013 01:47 pm
@medicman4444: oh my god you knew what I was going to SAY... DUN DUN DUN
Comment on Someone Special of Anything about nothing
pinkpikachu3000, 10 Feb 2013 10:45 am
@ShinyHoundoom229: ill was just gonna say dat
Comment on fan art time of pokemon drawings
pinkpikachu3000, 23 Nov 2012 03:43 pm
fan art yea
this is fan art for *MilaMiya* webcomic :PMD Thunder Blitz Treasures

also ive notest somerthing

when u click on the banner to look at the pages...
it says

Webcomic Profile: PMD Thunder Blitz Treasures

but look at the : and pmd

it looks like this......

:P md

hope chu like it...also tghe cynda and pika are my team. i use my real name but u can rever to chu and churu..
Comment on lkn of pokemon drawings
pinkpikachu3000, 23 Nov 2012 03:38 pm
blawww...i hate this so much...its not even finished
Comment on lrulio of pokemon drawings
pinkpikachu3000, 23 Nov 2012 03:38 pm
my girl version of ryolu
Comment on halloween of The 2 Warriors
pinkpikachu3000, 31 Oct 2012 06:46 am
happy halloween guys
plz comment on what u gonna going as a zombie devil girl.
anyway i cant wait for tonight

also plz check out this vid
i made: z

anyway heres a list of youtubers i recomend u to watch:

and more ...check my subscriptions.
Comment on Chapter3 Page18 of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Adventurers of Light!
pinkpikachu3000, 14 Oct 2012 01:06 pm
*just animals*
could he have killed some pokemons and have turned into a pkmn to learn his leason or to be teached............................................................................ .i dont know
Comment on how it started of The 2 Warriors
pinkpikachu3000, 14 Oct 2012 05:03 am
so this is how it started

me and my friend was walking home from schooland we allways make up storys.then a story came into mind when i got home i continued it and this was the final result.

and WHAT u didnt know i played electric guitar ....

also i came up with the idea that when uve got an intrument u put ur bag in frount
its also useful gto get stuff out of it without swinging it back and forth

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