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hello this is my secend account lost my old one


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    courtney douglas
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Good luck moving,me and my family are moving as.well.also NOOOOO... GET UP
@medicman4444: oh my god you knew what I was going to SAY... DUN DUN DUN
@ShinyHoundoom229: ill was just gonna say dat
fan art yea
this is fan art for *MilaMiya* webcomic :PMD Thunder Blitz Treasures

also ive notest somerthing

when u click on the banner to look at the pages...
it says

Webcomic Profile: PMD Thunder Blitz Treasures

but look at the : and pmd

it looks like this......

:P md

hope chu like it...also tghe cynda and pika are my team. i use my real name but u can rever to chu and churu..
blawww...i hate this so much...its not even finished
my girl version of ryolu
happy halloween guys
plz comment on what u gonna going as a zombie devil girl.
anyway i cant wait for tonight

also plz check out this vid
i made: z

anyway heres a list of youtubers i recomend u to watch:

and more ...check my subscriptions.
*just animals*
could he have killed some pokemons and have turned into a pkmn to learn his leason or to be teached............................................................................ .i dont know
so this is how it started

me and my friend was walking home from schooland we allways make up storys.then a story came into mind when i got home i continued it and this was the final result.

and WHAT u didnt know i played electric guitar ....

also i came up with the idea that when uve got an intrument u put ur bag in frount
its also useful gto get stuff out of it without swinging it back and forth
tom the tom aliey cat
this is my other main charecter he also like kiwi btw he will not have spots because of the same reason..also WHATS THIS 3 POSTS IN ONE DAY im so proud of my self ....also next will be a etra comic of how the two char and this story hazd formed
kiwi the angel cat
this is our first main caracter kiwi the angel cat.btw when she was little she does not have a halo or wings because she is too little and has to earn it.
ZOOOOOOOOMMM OOOOUUUTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is the title page and if u cant see itr all plz zoom out
in the uk(where i live)it comes out tomorow

devenly getting it
my old account art
i cant beleve this is still here grrrrrr

btw this is my old account soooo yer