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He likely has the stiffest boner he had in ages.
This is gonna be hilarious...
Also didn't think Church would ever wear such an open collared shirt.
@Jeanettert: Thanks.
This makes sense.
I thought it was cause he considers his attraction as only possible if Church suddenly became a jerk(meaning, completely different from the guy he started liking) and is confused if he'd actually like that or not.
Why does Darcy looks like a japanese pop art demon?
This dude is the best.XD
She's into 'Pirates of the Caribean' even after all the awful sequels!?

And I thought she had some taste...
I'm so curious where this will lead...
Please tell me it's gonna end in them fucking.
It's ok, the kid likely lived.
Evil version complete with:
Main crazy girl.
And disgusted secretary.
Love this girl.
There's fish dudes too?
Or is it futanari?
The girls are the fish?
Last dude is hot though.
What is butt-puppetry?
I don't like Noah.
This was just rude...
@Killsoty: Believe it or not that's where Cyclops ray vision comes from.
Is this guy a sex hero?
Seems more fitting...
The comedic timing is too good.XD
Love the amazing phrasing in this page.
I didn't see the buffness with his black turtleneck.
Now they DO look like brothers.
Friend of children...