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Oh heck yes, this is progressing nicely and I really want one of those uhm..lizard bird thangs. They look so cute >.<
Sup girlfren! Really like this page, you just keep getting better and better and're a real writer/artist now. You know you are when your readers get feelings from your work. This is the first page that really made me think about more than what is just in front of me. You've come a long way, keep it up, this is the coolest!
Im so excited for moar! WORK YOU SLAVE WORK! *cackles* Must. Have. MORE!
Ooh you made a font! Awesome and hopefully the awesome author notified you about it!

But HeHu, goodness. My my my (Chef Ramsay) This is..I mean. YOu said you suck at bgs? WHERE THE HELL DID THIS COME FROM? You seriously have surprised me, like..big time. I never expected this to just show up all of a sudden, I wish you had told me :< Im so proud of you <33 Its beyond what I had imagined, so fantastic.