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I like anime, manga, and comics.
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Uri in biblical names means my fire, my light.
Continuing where we left off.
It should say a year. I'm sorry for this.
I feel really bad for doing this.
Sorry for the huge Hiatus.
Double updates go back one page. =^^=
Heh today's my birthday.
Coming soon at the end of February or mid March.
Thank you for supporting me.
Sorry for not updating yesterday we had a family emergency. Its passed now. The next post will be unfinished too because I'm not sure what to do this series.
Back on schedule ! See next Monday ! Thanks for reading !

I'm also on Tapas:

and read ahead on Webtoons: =27013.
Updating early be back on Friday!
Be back in January !
Just a preview of what to come in 2018.
With the end of Chapter 2, I am sorry to announce another hiatus because of school. RED GUARDIANS Demons, Deities will be back some time in 2018.
Tora doesn't remember people's names too well.
Colored version~
Sadly I am announcing another hiatus it is because of school. I will be back with BDW around 2018.
His flash back is in black & white because I'm mean like that. XD