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So yeah, I was inactive for about a year and now since I've decided to change how I'm making the pages (the coloring takes forever), updates to chapter two will go faster.
Another no picture.
No more picture here.
Photobucket error message.
I getting the photobucket error thing on this one.
Can't see picture.
Can't see the page
And I really want to because it sounds good.
All I can see of the page is the "This image has been moved or delete" Photobucket thing.
New to the collab, but I think each page is awesome. There's gore and smiley faces.
Another fan
Found this comic when I looked up your author profile off of 'Intersection'. Glad I did because I now have read this.
Loving the human forms of the pokemon, especially Jaws.
Redoing NOW
If anyone was paying attention, there are pages missing from the archive. This is because I am restarting. if you want to call it that since there's only been 1 page up. I'll post again when I have done at least onw chapter fully drawn.
Scary vampire women, gotta remember that one.
Is that a flashback? O.O
About to help the girl vamp along?!
Must be great to have the day off when they're tryign to nab the Hunter.
Doc has a prepared suicide form, that must come in handy. <.<
How many times did this happen for the doc to get tired of it?
Exactly how long is that list of his I wonder...
Does it mean he already failed once or is going to fail soon?