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September 19th, 2017
I binge read this entire comic in one sitting- ohmigosh I love it; can't wait for the next update! <3
ohmigosh things getting heated, go get 'em!
I just discovered your comic today and I'm hooked. I seriously can't wait to see more of these two! *^*
omg I just stumbled upon this comic today and it's amazing! I love your art style and your sense of humour, love it! Can't wait to see the next page! > v <
I don't usually comment much but I really, really love this comic. It's so good ; v ; I've been following it for awhile and I've loved to see how your art style has grown and your improvement each chapter. I just absolutely love your style and this comic. Can't wait for the next page, such a good read! c: (I saw on Autophobia's blog that you're thinking about book stuff - would LOVE to buy a copy when its out * ^*!)
I love this webcomic so much <3
I am in love with the second panelll, they look so cute together <3
As much as I love all the lovely-ness going on here and I officially have a nosebleed. * ^ * I can't help but notice that it looks like a mirror is cracking in that scene... ; A ; uh oh.

I love Alex and Andrew, they're adorable ; w ; ~ Your drawing style is amazing! * ^ *
*dies from the amount of feels*
*dies from cuteness* Robby and Tom all the way! <3
How can anyone not like this?
More sex pics please. /nosebleed
This is beautiful~ I love your comic, keep up the lovely, wonderful, amazing work!
Hope your foot heals soon! Don't worry and just concentrate on resting and getting better! :)
December 17th, 2012
I love this comic so much! c: Reece and Gabe are... ; w ; I love them! <3