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Artist of many fields, I enjoy drawing character illustration, backgrounds and comics, but I am also a plush designer.

I like to draw just about anything! Dragons, humans, furries, monsters, even delving into steampunk and mechas! I kind have no particular when it comes to art, as long as it's tasteful, well drawn and inspiring.

When I am not doing art or running my plush business, I enjoy playing games. I am an avid Legend of Zelda fan, I know way more about Pokemon then a woman my age should know, and keep having the urge to play Portal a million times over. I do enjoy a good match of LoL, and currently obsessing over the Ace Attorney series.
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Sorry, my <s>two</s> THREE wonderful watchers, as the teaser up there says there's no page this week.

Been chaotic for me, and finding time and energy to work on the pages has been hard. Harder now that I don't have pre-sketched pages to work from! I only made ahead of time the first two parts, not part 3. I really have to get back into the swing of things.

But good news is I'll try and have something up with in two weeks! I've been working on my script, and I'll be sketching out pages as I go along, so coming up with a finished one won't be so bad (once I have a day/night to do some of it XP )
Thomas want's nothing to do with this Snype's crap. And who would? Poor big guy.

Three more pages for this part to come and things switch up again.
A wild page appears!
WOW! Took me forever! But we have a page! Things have been far more busy for me then I ever though, that and I've had a lack on energy and inspiration, but I did manage to finish this page.

You can also expect a page next week! But beyond that not sure at the moment. I hope to get working on these regularly again, but making and keeping schedules is not easy :c
I do really REALLY want to do this though, so it may take a long time, but the story will be told! Till next week!
You have no idea how happy I am to have found your comic.
Recently I had rediscovered my love for the Myst series after like 7 years, and had reread Book of Atrus (soon to move onto ti'ana.) Oh how I think I enjoyed it more a second time though, and being a fellow artist, found myself with a deep longing to want to illustrate it, especially the later parts of the book, to share with the world that may not have known of these wonderful books.

I ended up stumbled across your comic in a google search, cause I was hoping to find a decent PDF of the book to share with a friend who doesn't have the ability to try and get the book them self, and really enjoyed your art direction and tweaks of the story to work into a comic format.

Some things I do wonder as to why you changed or left out, especially was wondering why you skipped the whole prolog itself, but I read your news page, and am happy to see it will be in your printed book, to which I wish you well on!

I still have a deep longing to want to do a comic of the book myself, but I have enough projects, and you are off to a wonderful start. But I do want to say, if you ever need a guest artist, do give me a shout :) (especially for the 'dream age' oh the images I have for that!)

Keep it up, I'll be lurking!
Thomas has no pokerface...
And the fun is over...
Oops, almost forgot to update! Enjoy! I'm going to get back to working on pages regularly again :)
I think I'm seeing why Kuu gets so possessive of Mei...
Legends of Tenarka: Conflicts, Starts
This is an exciting time for me, I am finally making preparations to start my comic series. Bear with me while I get into the swing of things, I hope to do this every week. Enjoy.