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Haven't looked at the links yet, but...
Keep it going, guys! There are at least two fans who still believe in you!
I'm sorry, Sonic, but Knuckles looks like he's gladly going to punch you off the plane if he ever catches up.
Hey, Zero Escape! Those are fun...

Well, 'fun'.

If it isn't in the fillers ahead of here, let me know how it's going.
Let me put it this way:

I want to cheer them on, but I have just this gut feeling that wherever they settle will, inevitably, explode.
That was great!
...need I say more?
What's in the box?

What's in the box?!
How about we say plothole and call it good? this point, I'm tempted to give Sonic an "F" for effort.
First - 7
Second - 8.5
Third - -7
Fourth - 17

Knuckles definitely stole Sonic's points with that move.
Knuckles has a point. We like laughing at him, too.
They don't care because they're distracted.

We don't care because it's funny.

Keep up the good work!
Maybe it's some of both. Drownocating?
Leave it to Sonic to drown in snow when he's surprised.

It would beg the question of what the heck happened in Icecap, but I don't think he was ever shown on-camera without his board...

I see what you did there.
...somebody pass the mind bleach...
Two years already? Jeez...

Of course, I'm half a year behind. Good times for all, see you when I catch up!
What an attention-hog. It's almost like he thinks he's a title character...

Oh, wait.
In his defense, I'm pretty sure that someone told him to get lost, either on- or off-camera.

...I'd like to know what he plans to do with that board.
This isn't safe. This just can't be safe. I mean, even less safe than normal.
Interesting concept. For the sake of the news post...

> Create puppy and consider creating terrorist.