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I'm very grateful for all you wonderful people who share your artworks on this and other sites.
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Limbs grow back. O_O!
Stig Hemmer
October 30th, 2018
When a cat demands attention, you GIVE the cat attention. The audience will understand.
Veery interesting!
He knows too much...
Cuteness overload!
This is the cutest experimental weapon I have ever seen. I hope things go well for her and her "Da".
Poor Zeft
Time for Zeft to prove that he too can control his own body.
Beautiful comic! Got a bit of surprise when I saw the name of the constable back on page 2!
Ah yes, the anti-abs movement. Protesting every gym and health studio.
That is a "Don't mess with me" sword if I ever saw one.
Yay! A guesser is me!
"Mom? I kind of thought that fighting demons was more important... I hope that is OK? ... Mom?"
I never liked the 180 rule anyway.
Stig Hemmer
November 21st, 2015
This is *not* the proper procedure for approaching your god.
Ow. That got to hurt. But not for long.
I have heard the word "adorkable" used for this.
Three years? They have really been taking it slow.
And Reality TV just got worse.
"It will be all right?" It doesn't sound all right to me.
Oh. Maybe she won't save the day after all.
Yes, yes she is.
Akemi will show up and save the day!