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@Cubist: Yeah. We're missing Charlotte, Linda Summers/Elsa Romero, Drake Perth, Kevin Vold, and a few others now the cast has grown bigger.
Inside man? Is this a naga?
Just wait until Charlotte sees them in those outfits.
@Salen: Trust me. I know what I'm doing.. Oops.
@tazel: Just make sure there's a lot of plastic wrap.
@Pendrake: I half expected the bet was to see who could fit the most in their pouches, ie Reece and Ally temporarily became roos. Would have been interesting to see them as that. Then Nick's comment would be more accurate.

Well, maybe someone could curse them to swap bodies.
@DarkwingDork: The image squeaks in protest.
@Salen: They both like flying at night and going into bedrooms through the window.
@Marshal Banana: Hey Hey!!! Huahahaheheheheheheee!
Why is Charlotte afraid of tight spaces? Snakes are good at tight spaces.
@Marshal Banana: Well, more like M2F instead of F2M. Look for Kevin in Exit Stage Left and Stranger in a Strange Land. He gets both.
@Timeheart: Yup. She didn't turn into a guy.
@Salen: We can find out by getting some Enchanters on site. Or put the statue with the rock, and see what happens. Maybe it'll react like Matter and Anti-Matter, or a Super Nova and a Black Hole.
Have you tried turning it off and on again? And you sure nobody else heard you scream? This isn't space, after all.
@tayfox: Obviously meant Indiana Jones, but I wanted to say another character from another Lukas Film played by another actor.
@DarkwingDork: Luke Skywalker? XP
@tayfox: Not to mention American fans who can translate the caption.
@Salen: Card's against Furmanity!
@Marshal Banana: But that doesn't-!