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Insane skinny ass white guy who is studying computer programming and is skilled in answering difficult questions, like "What the hell is that!?!?!?"
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    Andrew Vineyard
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You're a Wizard, Peter. Now take your new wand/broom and magic up a dust pan and clean the mess you just made.
@Midday-Mew: Might not be able to hide it in their every day lives, like their wives.
Magical Husbands
I can imagine that some of the magic remains in the husbands, and they start to discover their own magical abilities, including what each was able to do while infused. Worst case, they grow an extra pair of arms, or a 'taur body. Best case, they can wear capes and masks and fight crime while their wives facepalm and groan at the absurdity of their antics.
@Marshal Banana: Don't know why they looked the same earlier.
Anyone else notice they all have the same eye color?
@Salen: What if you tie the toast, with the jelly side up, to the back of a cat and drop it from an arbitrary height? Will the cat land on it's feet, or will the jelly touch the ground? Or will you have perpetual motion?
@tazel: I can't say for certain I know what will happen, but I can dream (pun intended).

Body swap: Husbands spend a day in the girls shoes, literally, and deal with the magic that comes with, while the wives have to pretend, badly at it, to be their husbands. At least one will probably be unusually better at their job/hobby.

Magic exchange: Girls become mortal while husbands deal with extra arms and magical abilities, and have to fight crime. Assume one will wear a silly outfit complete with a mask to hide their true identity.

Simple magic absorption: Husbands temporarily gain magical abilities, and chaos ensues with things happening they can't quite explain, leading to hilarious fun and a ton of facepalms from the wives having to clean up their husbands mess.
@Marshal Banana: Soon-ishâ„¢
I wonder if Charlotte knows anything about these particular reptiles. Species may have once been the same, but diverged into legs vs arms.
Peter: "Okay, so win or lose, I won't be watching anything from your place. I can accept that."
@Salen: Todd. Michael. Kenny... These are the names given to some Wraiths in SG:A.
@DarkwingDork: I'd definitely get behind that. Could even use that with Patreon. Higher tier contributions equals more votes. And it wouldn't be against their TOS/AUP, as everybody would be getting the reward of the page.
What is their diabolical plan though? Turn everybody into some kind of 4 armed mutant?
@DarkwingDork: Not Real Games Stadium. XP
Remember, he's mostly dead, meaning slightly alive. If he was all dead, only thing they could do is look through his pockets for loose change.
@Marshal Banana: Aren't we forgetting that the one of the key pieces to Batman's arsenal is the fact nobody knows who he really is? If the criminals captured him and pressed charges, the legal system would force him to reveal who he really is.

It would make him a target every day as everyone and their mother would know where he lives and how he gets all his gadgets. It would ruin his reputation as an ordinary person, and could even prevent him from using his resources and connections at Wayne Enterprises to continue, possibly even make him even more vulnerable to criminals who target him.
@Cubist: Yeah. We're missing Charlotte, Linda Summers/Elsa Romero, Drake Perth, Kevin Vold, and a few others now the cast has grown bigger.
Inside man? Is this a naga?
Just wait until Charlotte sees them in those outfits.