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An aspiring artist from Simi Valley California! lives for: Guitar, Video Games, PCs, Fantasy Novels, Punk/Indie Rock, Music, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Anime, Manga.
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    Michael Bacera
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SPACEBALLS!!! wheres Helmet! and the shwartz... OMg the shwartz is my governor.... NOOOOOOO!
Voting Removed!
While KOTR is down I removed the voting code... take that snipers!!!
hahaha pee pee... would have been funnier if you said the anatomically correct word in french and then had the * on the bottom of the panel... I think the comedic timing would have been golden...
KOTR News!
Ahh and such must sadness come to this comic...

KOTR will be going down for at least this week. I need to find a job or face the wrath of getting kicked out of my own home. As such KOTR will either be a)taking really slow to update (read irregularly) or b) just have filler stuff in it or c) a mix of both. Same with disconnected.

Sorry guys. I'll still be around to email or PM... but I gotta get my life together and make some money :p Wulf Out... but not forever... promise :D
Pirate... I just thought he was "artistic". Eh
Woah... way to wordy friend. If you are going to use that much words you should either make more panels or more strips. But I'll fav you and see how it goes. Sprite Comic Police out ;)
January 3rd, 2006
Its awesome. I went through and rated your comic and then fav'd it afterword. You deserve your ranking :D
sweet stuff for a sprite comic :D
Well its a statement when you consider that I'm givin this a 4 becuase I think its not that funny. But hey all your other stuff is definatly 5 ster, er flag stuff. Me and my bros quote you around the house ("Makes up for it in pure douchebagery")
January 2nd, 2006
sweet stuff. And your panel size is very interesting... is it supposed to be a 3-4 panel comic, or do you do your one panels this wide? Anway ... fav'd for future reference :D
I would suggest that you do it in all caps and make emphasices(sp?) with bolded capital. Iuse comic sans, and you will find that alot of other comics use it as well such as teop and pulp stilkton.
I feel bad for the other guy... I'm always like him in art class. :P
yes you are... yes you are... *smacks lips*
no... not screwed... sporked!
new one... need gbc in system...
hey! It looks almost extactley like the last comic... not that I'm complaining cuz its funnea!
I concur... very sexy :D
Jailbait... dum dum dum.
I would say the humor bridges the gap between dealing with reality, not understanding philosophy, but meh... my philosophy was taken in highschool ;)
December 29th, 2005
wait the great evil is a ... fly?