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I like to read and write and program. I am trying to learn how to use Flash but until then I content myself with still pictures. I have a couple projects in the works, but I'm very busy with college and no guarantee that I'll ever get anything posted.
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Hooray, Jack's 15 minutes of fame! =D
Seriously though, Luigi is a real coward <_<
I haven't been on for awhile =/
I don't think Zelda is all that hot, but I agree with dinodude's comment that all video game nerds (male and female) think that at least one character is hot. =D
Anyway, back to the comic, I didn't really notice that there were no outlines on the speech bubbles until you mentioned it. I did like the expression on everyone's faces when Zelda was doing her evil laugh.
Oops...Lol XD.
I better go tell my friends about this...
I just got into this, but I'm faving because I love buying T-shirts that do this kind of yes/no thing. Fav'd now.

BTW, Kerrek, your picture is very funny. I see noobs like that all the time.
Shin, this is Tournament mode from Super Smash Bros Melee, with characters in this comic dressed up as SSBM combatants. I'm not sure if this is just a tribute or if the author plans to make this people fight or whatever.

Oh wait...

5 HOUR rule...
As much as it pains me to say this, this wasn't one of your best jokes. Sorry.

On the plus side, this is the first update since I fave'd this comic, so I'm really happy about that. Update again soon, please!
Heh, Emperor Palpatine.

Don't beat yourself up. I haven't seen this other comic, so how do I know its good? Answer: I don't.

Whew, I read your whole comic in an hour (and I even commented on some of it). I like how you've progressed from simple sticks to Don Hertzfeld-type people.

So, The Flushman, huh? Is that the end?
Nah, keep it. I've seen less funny shirts with worse art.
Totally L O L.
So awesome. Make a shirt please, or at least a bumper sticker.
Actually I think its about the 1st rangers or something like that. Most CoD games have had some Russian missions, British missions, and American missions.

On the subject of the comic, this is exactly the kind of drawing I can do - semi-lame stick figures. Thanks to you, I think I'll make my own stick figure webcomic! You're a fav!
Yay, an update!

...but it is filler...
*points at two of the previous guest comments (guess which ones)*

Its the classic superhero-type team, yay!
Team N.K.?

Bishounen Squad?

Nooo! Now I have to wait for an update! :'(
I have a question: if she has no trouble saying $hit and hell, why can't she say damn? Just courious, is all.