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Dread VanDread
I like rare and unthought of plots especially if is angsty. I love reading and dark blue as a color. I also like tacos ^^ yum and i think i might be manipulative but seeing as no one will tell me cant say for sure. p.s. I AM FORGETFUL
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XD, that's a sales pitch I can get behind.
yes we do... sex i presume? X3 I'm something something
whoo, I'm weird
weird, I find this page hot for some reason... confusing. anyway, I like your newest style, it makes it easier to to read.

P.S. first First Post
ohhh, it's so clear and defined now, and seems to have an alien perspective on humans. I like the furry too.
now do Link in his bunnyhood
I thought she was after his hair as well.
I wanna hug Raichu too ^_^
bunny hood = <3
boos and goomba = good samaritan?
oh for the love of god... why would any one send Navi -.-;
I knew they would end up catching Zelda eventual, after all everyone else has. hee hee
a dummy one apparently ^^;
OMG... I love Shy Guys <3
I'm faving just for this ^_^
That was so good it gave me amnesia!
I read up till the end and it was just one XD moment after another. also, <3 sexy blob angel (>_>; yeah I know I shouldn't, but I do. I really love interesting personality types <:D )
Hurrah, laziness ^_^
-raises hand aswell since everyone else is doing it-
Happy birthday, ^^ I love the fact that my birthday is so close to yours.