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I'm an interesting person. I got into anime and manga when I was 8 years old and even since then my dream job is to be an author. I also like to draw and hope to make my stories into anime and manga someday but first I need to finish a story. haha. My writing style is kinda unique. I tend to write in multiple genres at once. I like mash them together into one story. I tend to have trouble finishing a story because I get ideas for a new story or I have ideas for the story but they are for later on in the story and then I dont know how to get to that point in the story. Trying my hardest to make the stories I write the best.
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I love how no one has commented on here yet about REAL FAKE BANANA. it made me laugh
found this webcomic today and I love it. It's so original so far. Like I have come across some same ideas but there is so many ideas in here that I haven't come across in other stories and I love it. The art work is great and the story is really great also. :) can't wait to read more.
Wooo! I have a lot to say about this comic. First the comic started a little slow for me but I wasn't thrown off at that. Next I really love this comic. It's really interesting and the characters are lovable. You got a new fan for this comic. Also I noticed you don't have many fans yet for this comic but if you keep working on this and keep making this I can see you earning a lot of fans. I would definitely read more. I also am curious as to how Shy got around to getting his lips pierced. Did he want them before being in the band? Did he get forced by band mates to get them for the band's image? Was it a dare? Just what caused him to get them. I just can't wait to see how your characters grow and show more of themselves to us. :) Two thumbs up from me. Bookmarked and Faved. :)

Update just saw you have a website for this too. I don't care what I said is still true people will really enjoy this and now off to the website to read more pages :3
I know this page has been posted a long time ago but I started rereading it and I didn't get that far before so this is the first time to see this page for me. And I don't know how your coloring style might have changed but the past few pages with some in color and some not. I think it's a really unique way and I actually like it. :) So even though it has been a long time since this page was posted I still thought it would be nice to hear that it's nice and cool looking.
the zombie isn't concerned about how to make dinner with no arms. It's only concerned if dinner is going to pass cross with it.
@Shiori-Tsumi: actually in the comic strips i think the place almost burnt down. Well I know there was a fire. Though I don't know how bad it was. Right? I might be confused XD
my brain really didn't want to say mashed tomatoes. in my head it can out as mashed motatoes. XD
thats a huge hand in panel 3
after a year a new page appears nice :) and its okay that it took so long i know how it goes with these sometimes
I LOVE THIS!!! AHHHHH!!! hehe :) oh my god i was giggling a lot through out the beginning and now i just want to scream and giggle. to me when im reading a webcomic or a manga this feeling it one of the funnest feeling to have. :) i love favoriting!!!
is that pokemon on him? why so many pokemon. o.o
@Tailswish: oh wow my sis has a compaq and I cant connect my cellphone to the internet otherwise she will get kicked from the internet on her laptop but i dont get kicked from mine XD
@Tailswish: haha this laptop isnt 5 years though its maybe 2 and a half years or 2 not sure XD. but its lasted longer than Dell Laptops I had so when I get a new laptop I hope to get this brand the only problems I had was this past year. The cover was coming up and they just had to put in a new thing that helps it stay close like a tab or something like if you think of the things that help cellphone backs stay on. and i dont even know if im making sense to you XD. and now the hinge and i needed a new charger before the hinge broke but the chargers not really the laptop so XD. But its a Lenovo. when I had my Dell I cried so hard on my birthday when I was 18 (almost 2 years ago so yeah had this laptop for almost 2 years then). Because the hard drive killed itself and I lost stories, drawings and photography that I had saved no where else not even a paper copy of it. so My dream job is to be an author is felt horrible to lose stories and know you'll never get it back.
@Tailswish: haha probably not intentional but I tried to make different sizes and lot I had to readjust the sizes cause some were too big and some too small. and at first I looked at his picture and thought it would need to be bigger so I sized it up and then he covered the whole page even though it wasnt that big of sizing I went up XD so then I had to make him smaller. Yeah I was sitting in a recliner and didnt want to get up cause its hard to sit down without almost breaking my laptop cause my laptop screen is lose cause the hinge is broken and we already took in it but they said it would cost close to a new laptop so just using it until it breaks but at least want it to last until we can get a new one otherwise i would have to share my sister's laptop and she only lets me on to do dailys on games then. -.-
A collage of the staff members as of July, 17, 2014. Later on, if we have more staff I might do another one with all staff again or I'll do one with only newly added staff that is not on this one. there is a total of 15.

Just for fun. My brain is like hey you are tired lets do a collage of staff members and been working on it for 4 1/2 hours. Super tired now and was editing it all by finger tip on the scroll pad on my laptop cause appearently to tired to get up and get my graphic tablet.

Anyways hopefully you all enjoy. Its nothing to special (I think.) All pictures are their Staff pictures (with minor editing to make sure it didn't look like pieces are missing. and I notice spots that arent the best but oh well its was just for fun :) )
I'm going to add an extra page just for fun. and just posting on this page that its for everyone to know. :)
@Jem: just read the author comment on this page and got really confused when you said you would be starting Katie's intro soon cause Katie is my first name and its like whoa I'm in here XD took a bit to realize you meant a character not me XD
@Phasmid: I'm pretty sure we are open to new people joining and making characters. but I'm not completely sure but TheLasyBassist will mostly answer your question as soon as he see it. :)
@AshFisher: ohh but its still okay :) your hand also hurts without the mouse but i can understand why with a mouse it can hurt more. but its fine if there is no color i dont think anyone cares that much :)
@AshFisher: its okay with coloring it can take time. I'm pretty good at coloring a page if i have an outline. I use to take anime type pictures with no color and edit them with color and i would be using the touch pad on my computer. and now i have a tablet that i bought almost 2 years ago. and new problems come with that but its still pretty cool. and also dont worry about coloring being bad because two things. One is you should have fun even if its not the best of drawings and Two if you keep working on drawing or coloring over time you will get better. :)