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Name's Josh and I am 15 years old
I've been spriting for around 3-4 years now and hope to carry on whilst trying out various new styles of sprites.

I live in england and live a busy life of running practice and schoolwork... which always "vanishs" what a coincidence huh.
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Bloody hell.
Man, it's been awhile since I've visited this comic, and looking back at my so called 'comics' and what I thought passed for grammar, lets just say I'm not exactly proud of myself.

Although I have to say I admire your passion to revive this comic Spear, even if it was almost 2 years ago that we last spoke.
Yo me and Ako have come to stay and dont worry about us taking a room.
We sleep anywhere and everywhere, nice to meet you all and sorry for the crappy text effects I am between PC's and did this in a rush
I think they look quite good, yes there are several problems and the one in thr avatar is better but this is a site to make comics and have a good time NOT get shit from somebody because you didnt make your characters a certain way or shit like that so Mist lay the fuck off and if you have a problem with someone's sprites and if it isnt in any way helpful keep it to yourself.
The sprites do suck I'll agree with that
I abandoned this comic ages ago I've been a member of Vortex for more than a year anyway
LISTEN, if your such a fucking retard that you feel the need to diss a comic because you have nothing better to do with your nemo life then fuck off right now because comics should be praised and given crits not retarded comments, got a problem let's hear it.
So Metal Sonic is still hunting Amy and Knuckles, things are about to get intresting.
okay but wht was the plot
if anyone cant be assed to post then they dont deserve a proper 100th comic i feel this comic justify the situation
ive played the game both of them and shes not a princess i think hes just put his own personal spin on it
darth nexus
November 7th, 2008
and im better again at drawing SWEET
this was the 107th comic spear not 100th unless you werent counting fillers
okay this a quick update since im gonna go to somewhere also he saying now i misspelt and didnt notice till i posted BYE
im liking this since normally all these comics on the site seem to kiddy this appeals to me nice work
yeah im from some time back and was very discreet so a few know me but im hoping now to get to know more people
darth nexus
November 1st, 2008
i jst read all the comics back to back and i got to say this is good work man is there any cameo spots left coz i want to make my new custom soon since my lsw days are getting dull (lsw is in my avatar i make them)
about time you got up and updted lazy ass
nice one spear where did you get my sprites
i know haaaa