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Heh… the schedule, yeah, uh…
Excuse late.

I should be around later tonight
Hold On!
He sure lives “la vida loca”

Ok, I am nearly caught up with everything I need to do, so if everyone could stop what they’re doing until about 3 pm (central) I should have time to check my e-mail, read a backlog of webcomics, buy some printer ink and get tomorrows comic finished.

Now on the count of 3, freeze. 1… 2… 3!
I’m not sure if “coyote” is vernacular exclusive to the Southwestern US… if it is its slang for a dude that transports immigrants across the US southern border illegally.

Yeah, let’s try that five-a-week schedule again. Last week sucked. I’ll spare you the details but did you ever have one of those weeks where everything you ever put off and forgot about catches up to you in a dark ally and proceeds to beat the crap out of you?

So one more time, from the top: “five-a-week schedule! Woohoo!”

Also, gonna put up some more links and stuff.

Still dusting stuff off :)
March 16th, 2006
Boy, if this comic has two running themes it’s vague references to Rob Zombie songs and sexual innuendos. Guess which one popped up here

I’m thinking I ought to explain a little, seeing as webcomicers aren’t typically drinkers.

The feud between Heineken drinkers and Pabst Blue Ribbon drinkers is a long a sordid affair. Like Demarcate versus Republican, Cat versus Dog, Picard versus Kirk, lines are firmly drawn and niter side wishes to budge. Yet, poetically, it all ends the same way all wars end, vomiting on the floor and finding someone sober enough to drive you to your girlfriends house.

… it adds subtext


p.s. I was unbelievably busy yesterday so to keep my five a week schedule there’s gonna be an update Saturday
still looking for time :)
Grind Away!
Long time no post!
Well, Prelude on Smack Jeeves is back from the dead. Actually it was never really dead, more of a comatose state…
So here’s the deal: I’ve been working on a kind of Prelude Redux over on Drunk Duck. You’d all know this if you read the news post section of the site, but whatever. The point is I got freakin’ inspired over there and Prelude is on a 5-a-week-scheduale! (here and there)

Now I’m gonna do a little house cleaning over here and fix up the ol’ site. And catch up on some awesome Smack Jeeves comics I’ve been neglecting. But in the mean time you may want to read Prelude on Drunk Duck here: as I’m pretty sure the last panel is referential of a redux page

(also I’m gonna shove this up as a news post, but since no one reads that part of the site, whatever)
thank you for the interest!

Updates here should resume in approximately one week.
Until then check out Prelude on Drunk Duck here:
"uncool" man that's great diolouge!
yargh! great work

pirates are still cooler though :)
I feel compelled to say 'NNnnnnooooooo!"
but I won't.

Ha! "um...ew" now that is classic. too many people over complicate punchlines. this one rocked. keep it up
oooooo... cliffhanger :)
I'd say it rocks... but apparently it's "learning to"

...I guess awesome is a good synonm
funny and creative. high-brow hummor is so rare thses days :)
February 7th, 2006
looks awesome!
what a wild trip that was...
very cool
Mimes are always entertaining.
great work!