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I like to read and draw in human form, and fly and hunt and hoard pretty rocks in dragon form.
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    Moontrotter (I'm a dragon)
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This is a request for SaberMoh. The tail on the female is from female Pikachu. This was pretty fun to make.
I will. Those are some awesome Pokemon.
The name comes from snow, (obviously) and the Snowy Owl's scientific name, Bubo scandiacus.
Pokemon used:
Swellow, body
Noctowl, spots, tail, and head (head and spots slightly modified)
Absol, legs and color
Seviper, shiny color

When my brother was making a sprite, I noticed that Absol's forelegs look like Snowy Owl legs, and so, Snowdiacus was born. Or hatched, or whatever.
I'm liking this comic.
The cover for this one is awesome. Warleader Luna. Makes you want to write a fanfic involving Equestria being at war!
Liking this comic!
The cave troll is funny. He treats the ponies like the toys! Plus Optimus Prime is there. For some reason.
Like it?
I actually can't remember where I got the tail color. Body color came from Vaporeon. It looks pretty cool, doesn't it?
I love that song, and good job.
Hey Koopa,
Remind me again what KatAM stands for? Keeby=Curious.
Okay, so
Before I get any comments about not recoloring, ect,
this is Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is
Magic. He's not supposed to be recolored. One of the wings is really sloppy, though... And a leg...
I'm not coloring the window. I'm coloring the dirt on the window.
Base: Vulpix
Head: Charmander
Tail: Seel (Edited)
Feet: Ponyta
Fins: Horsea (Edited)
Color: Bulbasaur
Name: Sea and dragon
So, basically, it's a pre-evolution of Aerocean. Isn't it cute?
Base: Pikachu
Head: Seel
Ears: Flareon
Tail: Ekans
Wings: Dragonair
Feet: Pidgeot
Color: Charmander
It's named after an imp, because i thought it looked like an imp, and ember, because it looks like a fire type.
Used: Dragonite(Base), Blastoise(Head/feet), Charizard(Flame), Kangaskhan(Baby thing), Scyther+Staryu(Color)
Pokemon used: Persian for the body, Charmeleon for the head, Dewgong for the tail, Aerodactyl for the wings, and Ponyta for the feet. The color is Ivysaur, with Ekans for the gold on the fins.
EDIT: My brother fixed it. He wanted to fix the outlines, and he got carried away and ended up enhancing the entire shape.
The random chorch is back and i told you grundys!
This is probably a really stupid comment...
@Irene the SeedrianRabbit:Celestia does not want Twilight exiled off the face of Equestria, and nopony can defy Celeistia's will.
Ohh, this is going to be great! And who do you think will get almost-exiled from Ponyville next? The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 and now this?