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Animation student.
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Added three pages today :)
I'm hoping to finish the chapter in a week!
I'm back! Yay.
And I'm a fully fledged citizen now... Yay again :\
Sounds (& looks) Awesome :)
Yes please! Productive breaks are always recommended :)
It took me a month to draw this page (Nero just wouldn't look right >:( ). Yeag, kind of sad.

On another note - 98 fans! Never imagined that the comic would get so much fans!

Thank for all who faved (and commented!!!)!
Ahm.... the road to improvement is long and rigid.

Yeah, I'm glad too that you didn't give up!

Yay for the double update!
I want another update ;;

Great story! I was hooked immediately :)
Look! A new page!
Hooray! I still have readers :)

michaelhanul - You asked for an update? ;)

catqueen13 - Who said cats aren't loyal?

Frigandier - Good to see your comments again :)

Enjoy the page! I may update tommorow, if I manage to re-stoke my sleep hours...
February 26th, 2011
I've returned from the dead!
Kind of (Please don't kill me again :()...

Got distracted by the army and with new addictions. And wow, almost a year passed. Hope there's still some readers out there?...
September 17th, 2010
...I love June.

I have a question - Kay uses Hebrew words in his magic; any connections to Judaism (except the language, of course...)?
A little of over-dramatic lighting always helps with the mood.

Amanta-kun: Yay! I'm happy to come back to such wondrous comment ^^

Frigandier: Thanks! Glad you commented :)
If I knew what Sakura-com is, I would be excited too XD

Very nice shading; I especially liked those weird pinkish panels :)
I prefer the second one (it has a very smily simon). but the composition of the third is better, I think.
I'm back!!
So, after more than half a year of interval, I come back from the dead and bring you Chapter 3.
I won't promise steady updates, as most of the time I'm not home, but at least CK won't be so... withered.

(I hope people still remember this comic?....)
Oh, a future update! good. I was afraid it would be one of those excellent but dead web comics :)
I never knew you had a smackjeeves account. Is it new?

Nice pages as always! ^^
Oooooh, look at that - a month passed already. Argh, sorry for the lack of updates; the lazyness and a new obsession to manga kind of chained me to the computer.
But I haven't abandoned Crow King (only neglected my readers on smackjeeves >>;;;)!
I published some copies and tried my luck selling it in the yearly comics fastival (though, it wasn't very succesful - Israel kind of lack comics readers, or maybe my manga style just doesn't fit their taste :( )
It was kind of fun, anyway.

For the reader who are still willing to follow (and still reading my ranting), I present to you the end of chapter 2.

An HUGE thank you for the people that commented:




It's always very pleasent to know that people read AND enjoy this comics. Thanks!!!!

On a more personal note:
I'm to be recruited to the army tomoorow (is that how you say it?).
So no updates for at least a month. It's kind of an hiatus, I guess.

Em, Enjoy?....
A three pages update! (see longer comment on the third one)
I'm too still hoping for some website fairies to work for me. But they're a lazy bunch >>