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hehe, I hope he cleans this cloth before giving it back to Mic...
I can't help but notice that Mic is dressed rather casual here. I like to think that these are his "home clothes" and that he dresses up for work when he goes to the realm of the mortals :)
I have the feeling that Tez will make Itztli do something horrible to gain his favour. Something regarding some white haired prettyboy.
I am so happy you are back! And with such an evil page no less. Tasty!
I'm sitting here in a wool pullover, so summer is over ;) I hope your summer break will soon be over, too, since I am desperate to see what happens to Mic and Tez. I really hope you didn't lose interest in this wonderful comic and will come back soon. Pretty please?
This is such a beautiful scene, but I always get distracted by those earrings. They must hurt so much when you wear them while sleeping!
Now that they are so close together, I wonder how Mic smells.
They are so sweet together! I guess this solves the "your place or mine" issue.

But I'd really like to know what that woolly thing on his wall is...?
There's just playing Billy Joel's "The longest time" on my speakers and I clicked through my webcomics and landed here... Now I can't stop laughing.

"I haven't been there for the longest time" indeed.
Haha, I love how it takes him five panels to get it. Who would have thought that out beloved god of the underworld is a clueless virgin?
Am I right that noone else can see Mic? Must be a funny sight for bystanders seeing Metz press into the wall and blush :)
On a sidenote, Mic should make sure not to wear any dead body parts to their next date. At least not that severed hand, could be a mood killer...