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@1ce_k1d: Nobody cares if the good old days were actually good! They're the old days!
How does he get a text when plot device takes hold!? Oh, the mystery.
Nope. Not the ordinary run-of-the-mine dwarves. xD

Welcome to the new age!
Danica doesn't really like venturing forth. It hasn't worked too well for her in the past.
I wish I had instincts of steel. Or could find anything without a map.

How many others got their driver's licenses and then realized they had no idea where anything in their town was? Anyone? >.>
Poor Hyybyt. No one believes him.

I will also be moving in the next week or so, and then going to Canada, but that shouldn't interrupt much. Canada and the internet are on pretty good terms.
And Danica will have no part in Mitch's optimism!

Granted, cell service is one of those things that creates panic attacks. Who else gets hit with a crippling fear of never ever hearing from your gnoll-friend again when the signal is lost?

@Sith inquisitor:

I will be going to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to be one of those missionaries who brings people on tours and gives lessons about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

And that is an interesting theory about Danica. xD
Loooooooooris. Look at it...just staring...with its poison elbows...
The Curse!
@Sith inquisitor:

It is not a curse involving geographic location, but key circumstances have to exist for it to take obvious effect and they haven't occurred yet.

And your rumor might have more validation if either of us had played Team Fortress 2, but you never know. ;)
Beards aren't in fashion
@Sith inquisitor: One who is immaculate in his appearance and cares a good deal about appearing at his business-like best? Generally speaking, one trying to impress high officials in the modern day try to be clean-shaven.

If this is hard for a guy, they either grow hair like a caveman or aren't very good at shaving. :b

And really, does he look like he has the bone structure for an attractive beard?
Aww...It's my elementary school. So cute.
@Briazra Jazzlyn Sparks: She is pretty cat-like. Maybe we can scribble one on. ;)

We just talked about this year, actually! It'll be pretty epic.
@Briazra Jazzlyn Sparks: She doesn't need a tail, she's Catwoman. Catwoman doesn't have a tail on her suit.
Our illustrious illustrator has come down with something awful, so here is the work of our less illustrious author, myself.

...We're a team for a reason. >.>

Anyway, always remember that plague is a serious problem. Don't get caught in a plague town without proper protection! You could save lives!
Also, you can see why I don't do the art.

This is me attempting to learn how to use Photoshop. The hats looked better when I sketched them out on paper.
The Kentucky Derby is significant!!!

And I totally called the winner. Thank you, I'll Have Another!
A moment where Mitch doesn't have a hat on! o.o
Depends who you ask.
I have beautiful hands. :b