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November 15th, 2015
DAMN!!!!! :/ You`re doing this on purpose!!!!
It`s about time...................... ^_^
Congratz!!! Hope it goes on and on and on!!! ^_^
Why would he be angry if Aki told Hisawa that he was not available? Kaidou is cool ;-) He trusts his little Aki!!
Aki is so funny... Like he is guilty of something. It`s not his fault Hisawa had a crush on him :/
O_O Why now?????????????? Aki, that`s super bad timing, my Sweet :/
Yup, Aki wnats good old sex!!! It`s hump day for him ;-)
Very adorable!!! Finally, they are together!! SEX TIME!! ^_^
Aki so happy to see his Kaidou!!! It`s wonderful to see :-) I foresee a lot of cuddling and... stuff ;-)
Aaaaawwww... Look at how bad Aki is shaking!! Poor Baby!!! But at least Kaidou`s anger subsided.... Nakajima is safe... for now ;-)
LOL Nakajima is all small now :D I think he was just curious and wanted to chat with Kaidou`s girl, but not in a bad manner. And he took it quite well, that Kaidou is gay :)
LOLOLOL Kaidou really looks like a super hero swooping in to rescue his Love!! ;D Oh, Nakajima seems really like he`s sorry though... He`s gonna get it anyway!! BOOM!
Uh ho.... Nakajima is about to get his ass kicked big time!!! There`s some off-limit stuff and Nakajima crossed the line! O_O Oh the anger in Kaidou`s eyes....
Oh... Now the cat is outta the bag... But Nakajima doesn`t seem too shocked, as in disgusted. Poor Aki!! He will feel so bad now ;_;
Oh.... THE question.....I wonder if he`s added 2+2 yet............... >.> ....
Uh ho.... I guess Nakajima is gonna find out Kaidou`s "girlfriend" is a guy.... Or maybe he`s too drunk ;-)
Is Nakajima falling in love with Kaidou? Hope not... End of chapy 32 was sad ;_; I want 33 to be all happy, rainbows and unicorns, OK???
Hisawa.......... seeing him cry like this..... breaks my heart so badly!!!!! It`s even worse when we know Natsu is for him and single and "waiting"..... Broken-hearted Hisawa is painful, Crim!
I hate seeing Hisawa suffer like that :( Could you move on quickly?????? Poor Baby.... a broken heart is always hard.
;_; Poor Hisawa.... has a broken heart.......... Only time can heal that :( Can`t wait to see him open up to Natsu :D