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Bravo good sir, bravo. Now, where's that booze? It's time to liven this place up!
Take a bow Mr. Twist, then take a breather. You deserve it.
I have to agree with darkamnios, it would be cool to be able to browse the whole gallery ourselves. Either by having the gallery lay outs in a zip folder people can download, or maybe a separate section of the website that could be put up temporarily? I dunno. Just an idea.
Okay, I came back to this page to catch myself up (internet's been acting up) and I swear to all that is holy...The bottom half of the page changed. Mr. Twist, please confirm this so I don't assume I've gone insane.

Thank you.

(and if it has, can I ask why? Even though Slugger's line was a little harsh, I thought it fit)
Settle down, Sea Biscuit.
@Well then: While I agree you're entitled to your own opinion, I think you're hurting your own argument by the phrasing and tone of your comment.

The first thing you should remember is no matter how good or bad of a job Gibson does it is, just as you said, HIS story. If he sees a character as being right or wrong then whether the readers like it or not in the over-arching plot he/she IS in the wrong, until the author/story shows us otherwise.

You say Rick is talking in a holier than thou tone but I personally feel like your comment sounds just as bad. Yes you are free to dislike a character (or hell, ALL the characters, if you choose). Yes, you can interpret the story how you wish, but you don't need to make yourself sound like an ass as well. And again, as this is Gibson's story what really matters is how HE interprets it.

I went back and read yesterday's comic again after reading your post and I didn't get the impression you got at all. It sounded to me like a passing comment to try and stem off the inevitable questions that readers were going to ask (or probably already did ask) about how Sam even knew how to contact Rick when he wanted nothing to do with him. It sounded more like "I dunno, he probably looked in your phone book. No big deal" to me. Once the comment was made, the conversation moved on. Neither of them really seemed to care.

Your choice of liking or disliking a character is your own and you're welcome to it. But the way you're saying it is just making yourself sound like a jackass.
I just got my book 1 in the mail today! Thanks so much for the awesome comic, Mr. Twist. I salute you! *salutes*
@Jeffko: Amen to that. Got a couple of friends I've been trying to drill that point into their head before they screw up their marriage.

As for the world ending...All I can say is: grab your towel, stick out your thumb, and for the love of all things holy DON'T PANIC!
@A Random Dewd: Cause he don't wanna get slugged himself.
Wow, drunk-off-his-ass Mulligan is the only one making any sense. XD

Hey, not that it's entirely relevant NOW, but I forgot to ask - are the Pictures Of You books gonna be hard or soft cover?

Also, it's mah birfday! *dances*
Glad to see book 2 will be printed too. give us a shout as soon as it's available and I'll definitely be putting in an order!
Woo! Pledged on the Kickstarter! Hurry and pledge if you haven't already!

We're only a few hundred bucks away from the 7k mark! It's a race to the finish!